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I'd ask where the hammer came from, but it's pretty obvious it came from Hammer Space.
A +1 Rake would come in handy about now.
I definitely have to watch Elfen Lied now. :D
And here we have the new design of Agent Shivers! Like everyone else, his proportions shifted, and... wow... he's suddenly much cuter. o_O
And... we're back! This is the first new comic in a few months, and features a fairly major redesign of the art style.

In particular, I tried to simplify the character designs, as previously it took far too long to finish a comic.

I think it works. What do YOU think?
They don't have them at Toys 'R Us, either. I've checked.
I am often dismayed at the lack of Mooses in Toy Stores these days. Maybe I'd have more luck if I lived in Canada.
Who doesn't like Calamari on thanksgiving?
X of the gods
There's an old story called "The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth" by H. G. Wells.

This has absolutely nothing to do with it, of course.
Chlorophytum Attack.
This comic is much funnier if you're familiar with the behaviour of hanging plants, particularly Chlorophytum comosum. Ah well.