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I am a kraken from the sea. I enjoy long walks on the beach and cups of frozen yogurt. I prefer my spoons to have long handles and I wear glasses despite having 20/20 vision. I have an irrational fear of holes. At any given time I am always looking for a hypothetical escape route from different situations; zombies, serial killers, velociraptors... you know, the norm. I am confused as to why spell-check doesn't recognize the word "velociraptors". Pixar makes me cry 100% of the time, in the best way possible. Hopefully this has answered any questions. If not, go ahead and ask.
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    Kari Derezinski
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November 26th, 2009
Chloeee D:> That's so cuuute.
November 24th, 2009
D'awwwwwwwwwwww he's so cute >u<

I love the profile in the last panel.
November 23rd, 2009
Oh, je t'aime Dorian! <3 He's so adorable!
That was excellent xD
want this on a shirt xD
Pffff ahaha
This is wonderful xD