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um............ I like drawing reading adn anythign in between.. Fencing is my sport.... yeah.........
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I swear I will have a reall strip up soon. I'm just realy out of it.... and I'm busy... stupid work, stupid school...
haha that and New Zealand. They eat vegemite over there too.
Still no cure for the common cold.
They make edible eye wear and yet....

Crazy scientists, they'll doom us all! DOOOM!
I hope this isn't real. Vegemite is nasty stuff! But It might be real... Poor little Austrlian kiddies, having to eat vegemite toast crunch!

BOO nasty vegemite spread!
I did not draw this, it is not my profanity.....
Funny as crap though.

Ja geröstetes Brot!
Get these motherfarkin snakes off my motherfarkin toast!!!
Ok, so this is actually a funny experiment.
Before you do this you must know two things: a)Cats always land on their feet and b) buttered toast always lands buttered side down. With this knowledge:
1. Take a cat.
2. Attach a piece of buttered toast to the back of said cat. (butter side up)
3. Drop the cat.(We can not be held responsible for damage done to cat.)
Ok so if this was all done right the cat should drop towards the ground, begin to rotate, and then reach a state of equilibrium and then.... drop the remaining distance to the ground, where upon it should breakdance. If this does not occur... you did it wrong and should repeat all steps.
Day two of the random toastness. Who knew this kind of thing existed.... I have no idea what the heck its supposed to be. Toast hat? Does it go well with bologna pants?
Yeah Toast!
So this is Toast Week. It was inspired by late night listening of the "Toast Song". I love that song.... XD
This Mona Lisa was made with, you guessed it, toast...
And why not?
I want to know why I can't "simply rock" my way into Mordor..... but then again
i don't "simply rock" anywhere...
well at least it looks like a person right?
So I realize this is not a comic. This happens to be my new id for Deviantart. I haven't really had anytime to draw a comic. I've decided to go ahead and figure out a story line. Its taking me too long so this is what you get for now. I tried my best to make it look like me. I think I did rather well, don't you?
haha rothbart... I dunno why but that's funny...
Yay! fire backwards day. I almost forgot about this. Picture curtesy of my brother's flash drive.
Well I meant to post this last night , but the time ecscaped me. My brother's birthday was yesterday really.
yesh his name is baracuda... bwahahaha....
Well aren't you lucky.. you got two posts today...
Ok so this is definitely not my best work of art... But this is Carlito from Dead Rising. This made me laugh so I'm going to chibify him and make a new version of this...

oh and ** means accent...
well yeah it tastes gross... its weirdo monster blood....
The labels are there b/c there actually was gum under my desk.

I like my avatar too. Vulnerable? Really? I thought he just looked a little shy.