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Hidden Silence
Hiatus because for depression
so gtfo
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Aw crap; Does he really plan on doing that? I know he still exists, but... really... isn't that going a bit far?
How come I like your emo characters? ;-;
NOOOOO! NOT CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm only staying on RR for a week or so.
Joshua Wolf, I've stayed up without sleep for two nights in a row...
Weell since Remmy's net takes forever to load updates, we decided I should update the MSN convo we had~
I have MapleSEA not the American Maple.
o3o 70 comics ftw.
Gratz Rem-rems.

I have a question. Get on msn plz.
"He took the midnight train goin' anywhere..."

O3O I couldn't resist, sorry.
Don't Stop Believing' copyright to Journey, a band.
;-; I know what losing a pet feels like.
Poor Cheriso...
(that's the name of the cat we had in the united states, we have 3 male cats now.)

EDIT: can you check my post on don and aro's showcase?
Y'know, you are the best comic maker I have seen on this site.
Shard is great too, but I think you're the best at it.
Yeah, I played the games. Both of them. I'm playing ZX on hard currently, they call it "hard mode" for a reason!
But me, being the Megaman and Sonic freak that I am, went on a Megaman wiki and was reading a article about Aile and Vent... so yeah...
I can't give you a link because if I try to get on that site anymore, my computer crashes ;-;
Sonic came from the past?
Why is Aile Vent's descendant? Aile is Vent's sister, as far as I know.
..Meh, you wanted it to be that way, so...
Actually, Floo, the nun was right.
Pokemon was created by shamans to teach children to speak to spirits.
Please PM me back rather than comment. I don't wanna start an argument.
I second that Marta
...That's a miniboss from MegaMan ZX.
Neo. He isn't a recolor, he's a minor edit. (Josh, inform me if I'm wrong) He shouldn't have to be kicked.