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Alice Is Dead
I dunno what I can say without getting my ass stalked by crazy cyber-pervs soooos...


That ought to suffice. ^^
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I forgot these comics existed. So here is my face. Because I still don't know if I want to continue them or not.
Cranked out another paaaage~!


Oh good! That's just the encouragement I need. >w<
It's been awhile, and this is the best I can offer. I'm sorry. D:

No scanner here at school. :(
I've been so belated on updating this. Between college starting full time and no scanner and no real WILL to draw... this comic has suffered.

So behold Violet in my latest drawing style; the first thing I've drawn, seriously, in over 6 months!

I'll try to get on top of things again, and upload pages; because I still love this story!

*awkward turtle*
Another old page, inked and shizz, ready for your viewing pleasure.
I'm terribly sorry, all, I'm sure I'll lose fans over this since most of you forgot this comic existed. XP

Here's a page that's been drawn up and inked and completely ready to go; but between college apps and several AP classes my life and free time have died and, to be honest, I had lost all inspiration. But finding the original copies of this I was finally inspired to take the fifteen minutes of prep and scan this in.

Thank you to those who have stuck with it, and to my few new fans; I hope to be more active!

To those that will (inevitably) ditch this comic; I understand. ^^
Verreh verreh spiceh.
Why should you be happy I'm taking college classes this summer?
Cause it means I get outta bed, get bored in class, and crank out a page. XD
Is this... a PAGE!?
Yes my lovelies. Yes it is. :D

Enjoy, I can only update on mondays, wednesdays, and thursdays, not whenever I finish; because my gosh-darn computer keeps cutting off teh interwebz. D: We have NO idea what's up with good ol' Elizabeth. v_v
I'm really very fond of the first panel.
just started reading this. Can't. Stop. Clicking. NEXT BUTTON! It won't work *sadface*
This is good. When are you going to upload more? D:
Okay, all the pages I have drawn so far ends with this one. It's summer; which would normally mean free time. But I'm taking summer classes at a local community college. They're super intense. So yeah. XP

IDK when I'll have time to draw more, bu hey; I might get bored in class and doodle a page for ya... maybe.
I won't htell you all how long I've had this page. It's embarassing.
I think taking out the grey would be terribly interesting, you should try it! :D

ANd their eyewear is faaaa~abulous. X3

I want me some of them. X3
hosnap!! D:
Alice Is Dead
February 23rd, 2010
Pierrot the clown~ *hums to self and wanders onto the next page*
I fail at consistency. T-T

I fucked up victors hair because I didn't have a sketch of him in front of me

*Shoots self in the face*