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January 4th, 2009
They wouldn't be dead.

I know plenty of people who's height/weight are similar to those. They're not dead, they're not anorexic, they look fine. They're just skinny.

If we had their weight under 100 then we might have a problem.
Ohhhh snap!

I think it's marvelous~! I deff don't wanna be in a room with a pissed-off Josef, he's scary bastard. I think you captured his essence quite well C:
The reason it says 81 comics when there's only 76 pages is because of the fillers we so lovingly toss in there from time to time. There are, in fact, only 76 comic pages, although 81 "comics" were uploaded.

(This is actually +PyR0+, btw. xxhanlxx needs to gtfo my name <3)
post a link to the pages you are talking about because if you mean 77-81 as in how many were uploaded - those show up for me

if you mean 77-81 #pages (as in this current one you are looking at is 76) they never existed. There were 2 uploaded contest fillers and that's about it, they were moved to the contest page (LINK) at the top of the site

(xxhanlxx taking over +Pyr0+s name again -too lazy to log in- )
the pages aren't missing - the contest page has been moved to a legit contest page at the top of
Lupo looks rather preoccupied.

And oh god, Peter's face.
I guess pride doesn't mean a whole lot to your Nazi bunch.

Could be, gotta feed the habit somehow. I'd like to thank you for your contribution last night, Josef. Wasn't one of the best experiences I've had but can't expect too much out of a pitiful coward such as yourself.
Jealous? Not at all. If I want to have a stroke and drown I can do so in my own homeland. I at least have the balls to stand my own ground, which is a lot more than you can say, hm?
At least I didn't run like a cowardly little girl to Brazil to avoid capture.

And at least I can swim.
Don't tell me how to do my job, I'll do it when I see fit.

At least I know how to do my job properly~

Josef's the woman here, not Spoons, kthnx >P Least Spoons is being helpful and not stammering like a moron~ <33
@ Makoto Misuharu:
I havent! :D

And I know I told you in person already, XxHaNlxX, but I'd like to state again that looking at Josef makes me lawl. Hard. xD
xDD Oh god, I love ittttt!

T'was a well-deserved bitchslap, might I say. <3
Kay so like I fail at updating.


Spoons has voices. Just thought you'd all like to know.

-scutters off and hides-
It's unacceptable.

I wanna see "FUCK" and "FUCKER" on this page.

Fix it.

xD kidding. I love it. It's not poop, shut up. <3


S'all I got :x
I was totally gonna post that. :x

Alright fine. Now we're 7 away <3
Bitch, you'll post when I tell you to post D: S'what I pay you for.

...I don't pay you. But I drag your ass everywhere, so you'll post, h0bag! <3
xDDD SHHHH Don't tell them that!

It counts :x
Awww, it's okay, Minten, I used to live on that side of the pond too <3

And yeah, 75 comments later we're still reading xDD Can we break a hundred? :o