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I almost can't believe it's over.
^_^ Frobby back ^_^
Sorta :P
oh, yooooooooooooooooou.
wait, calore is a robot?
Not gonna risk it again? Is that why you made the abstinence one?
CHRIS XD when this has 8million fans i can say i like it before it was kewl :{P but srsly, that hilarious ^_^ dont think ther'll be any andys here :D
I hate valentines day :/
and see the beggining of that movie "just go with it" and know that the ring is a bad idea XD
i hate this day too :/
theres a guy at mai skewl who looks just like that >XP
awesome :D
did you know that I am wham?
ande i can play piano :P
terra is awesome :3
FURST and ouch, that must have hurt XD
pikachu is a paradox. it is the only pokemon who defies the evolutuion cuteness theory, that the higher the evolution the less adorable the pokemon
tobennh, do you think you could win in a fight with your clojne?