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I'm a major pokenerd, I just love pokemon comics. I've read lots of books too. My avatar is thanks to Raidragonair on Deviant art.
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If you have problems with Dark Link the thing is to never z-target and just use the Goron Hammer.
Something tells me the person who said stop was either Tyson or a Persian.

Wouldn't that also shock Micheal since technicaly they're not on a team?
Second Option!

After all we want to clear up what happened to Soto right away so it's not hanging over our heads.

Well at least they sent a Vibrava, now Latios at least has a reason to be slightly worried, same goes for all the dark and ghost types. they are really playing on his weaknesses.
That's him right there! He has no coin!!!
Looks like that Meowth's stuck in that tree... Is there a fire department around to help him out?
Flygon and a Leafeon... I can only guess at the cameos...
Wakanda has a pretty good expression of her dislike in panel 3. I hope her face doesn't stay like that.
Atty, the female trainer is from Romeo(can't remember her name!), then the Rocket with Squirtle of course in Zirconia it's a Wartortle.

She must be P.O'ed right about now.
Looks pretty cool. I wonder if there's a Sevchirisu anywhere?
Skitty and a Tropius...
Latios and Mew or Latios and Mewtwo... Kinda hard to tell with the colors.
I guesss it really is Team Greenfire. Lol puns.
It is pretty awesome looking, like way awesome.
Good thing Char has good agility. Maybe his nature has something on that.
That looks pretty awesome... Kinda looks like you used something similar to the Okami games and that makes it even more awesome.
Yep I knew it was Patch... Well it was a well educated guesss though.

May your aim be clear and precise then. ;)
Wow... He better win!!! Cause he's kinda like Captain Obvious.
Go crazy???