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Miser Bellatrix
xD Why not? If you're a writer, fanfiction is quite acceptable, too. ;3
I love this one. It's so freakin' cute. Thanks a bunch hotstuff!

You can go look at her comic here:

Also, if you'd be so kind, hop on over to my blog: (for some news)

More fanart of Connor, this one by Eid:

I love piglets. ;-;
Small, but wonderful.
How I'd love a shy Connor to play with. And by play I don't mean sexually. xD Connor's not my type. I don't think he's anyone's type, he just throws himself at people and makes himself their type....

Anyhew, a shy Connor! Drawn by Azora. You can go see her comic here:
lmao, how about Noel wearing purple lipstick?
Kay so, a long overdo featuring of the fan art people have been cool enough to draw for me, starting with one drawn by Rizu. You can go look at her superb webcomics following this link:
It's funny, I never considered Connor very manly, especially not because of his bitchy attitude.

I kind of had to add this one because it's just really entertaining, and that awesome face makes this picture so much better.

I noted some comments about the red eyes, and yeah, they're there for a reason and not just to make him look like a weirdish pink albino. You'll find out eventually, provided I don't forget to add it into the script! (Which is going smoothly by the way)

Credits go to Sluvotsky for the coloring and the awesome awesome face, and the text of course.
He got shot in the leg before getting pistol whipped. I imagine anyone would be a bit slower after some blood loss while at the same time being occupied by clinging to someone's leg. :p
I figured it was obvious enough that he's the main, considering he's on the cover, in the site design, and the focus has been on him since the beginning, pretty much. But even if it wasn't clear, it is now, amirite.

That said, he doesn't have to show sadistic tendencies right off the bat to be such.
Now I said!

This is my personal favorite, I think she did an awesome job, even if I had to help her color in the penis. xD
Haven't visited Sluv's online comic yet at least?
Do it now:
So as promised, the colored pages that I didn't end up using cause I'm ungay, done by the hottie Sluvotsky (whose comic you should go look at nao: ).
I realized why I couldn't remember what happens after the last page.

...It's the end of chapter two. xD I didn't realize this until well, yesterday. Unfortunately I need to adjust the script for the third chapter (again) as things have changed while I worked on drawing the second chapter. So I'm going to need some time to make these adjustments, which means updates will be put on hold for a little bit.

In the meantime I will be featuring the few pages Sluv colored, and the fan art I've received. :3 Be sure to draw me stuffs if you want me to show it off. Check back again soon, and thanks for reading!
Poor Leighton.


@Iconic: Thank you. :3 And yes, we'll have to see when Connor will suffer the same fate. Or maybe if. ;3 Who knows.

@Faery: xD Yes.

@E.Redemption: Yeah, I find getting the right stuff and making your own burger is worth the effort.
Lolol no. Waaay back in the comic, Leighton got pistol whipped on his temple. :d

@Jackie: xD Yup.

@Vincent: Lol, my thoughts exactly. :D~

@Toli B: Lmao, go on!

@Krubitt: xD I see. *patpatpat*

@Bakachan: Oh my. ;D *counter fondle*

@Remmy: *chews on your hair*

@Derp: lol, I guess this doesn't say too much but we all know what Leighton's fate is, now.

They were actually talking about Connor being alive without the Admin knowing. :d Sorry if that wasn't clear. But if it wasn't, it will be later on. :D~

@Princess: :d Yeah, me too.

@Re: xD *pat*
After eating an apple that was apparently not quite ripe, I got horrible cramps, gas and eventually diarrhea. It kept me up all night. This page somehow reminds me of that.

Responses to comments left on previous page:

@Bakachan: xD Yeah, his mom was hot. Was.

@Princess: =0 Happy (late) birthday! And yes, let's say that page was meant as a birthday present! (I wish you told me sooner so I could have drawn you an actual present.)

@Faery: Lol, yeah. At the rate this comic updates, not even I can remember what was going on half the time.

@E.Redemption: xDD I think that's just tiredness that gets most people to hallucinate. At least I'd like to think so.
And no, I haven't. Honestly the only places around here that serve burgers are fast food chains. =/ But there was this one place in England....

@Toli B: <3 You sure know how to make my ego feel all fuzzy and warm.

@JackieH: xD German's a pain in the ass. Mine isn't too terrible, unless I have to write it. >___>
Well! That is a very good idea. Honestly I wish I'd made a bigger buffer of pages before putting this thing online. Do tell me when it's available for reading, though! I'd love to check it out. :3

@Krubitt: xD
Well, what does it mean then? o,o And why do people use it? Though I suppose that's like asking why some people insist on using 'ain't' and 'gonna' etc. >_>; I'm guilty of those.

@Vincent: *spank* Now is not the time to be thinking about penors and balls. The man is dying! (Though I promise to give you a peek at his balls in the next page! ;3)
Okay so, I couldn't figure out how to draw a reflection without any tones or colors. Hence the half-assed sketchy thing I'm going to call a comic page. I could really go for a big, juicy cheese burger right now, too. Pity that they're rarely as great as advertised.

Replies to comments on previous page:

@E.Redemption: Yeah, exactly. xD But sometimes you can't help but do a double-take.

@Everlasting: ;3 Good.

@Derp: haha, my thoughts exactly. And...well I don't have a real native language, per se, since I grew up learning two at the same time. So it's Gerdutch. :D German and Dutch.

@Faery: *points to above* xD; I speak Dutch at home though.
Only for now it's back to the fugly men. We'll return to Noel and Connor soon. xD

@Toli: Haha, i no rite. Silly dad.

@Princess: lmao, precisely!

@Terminal: xD; You make a good point, but I'd like to think that fantasizing about non-shitty sex is different from and far less disturbing than fantasizing about incest.

@JackieH: Oooh, same here. xD;
I think you've previously implied or said you have your own comic--where is it? =0 I'd like to see.

@Krubitt: It just means that the pool is more shallow than you might've thought. xD; Funnily enough, that makes more sense to me than the manner in which you pronounce knife, pneumonia, knocking, apple, etc.
--Yes he is.

@Bakachan: She must've been, if she caught the attention of a big shot militant. ;D

@Senshuu: ooh thanks! <3 Hm, as much as I love it though, I agree, it needs a friend. A Noel friend. :3
Dun dun duuunnn.

English is my preferred language, even though it's not my native. But I hate it at times: Whenever you give its grammar or spelling a second thought, you're no longer sure if it makes any sense at all.
"Interfering? No, intervering. Nono...Interfering, I think.... With? In...? God damn it. D:"

Replies to comments left on the previous page:

@Remmy: *gropegrope*

@Baka: xD I doubt he'd mind that.

@Jackie: Haha, yeah. And no problem. To be fair, this comic updates too slowly for me to expect anyone to remember who is who.

@Noroppon: Rofl, what! xD You will be the first, and I'm fairly sure also the last, to say Sergeant Sodomy is hot.
And I hope not. D: Personally I think they're both fugly.

@Princess: He couldn't fire him: :p the Lt. Colonel (Shaul) knows enough to get Connor's dad fired, too.

@Toli B: Haha, it's never truly appealed to me, either. Incest in general seems odd. Honestly if you absolutely cannot picture yourself doing it, then it makes no sense to find it appealing when others do it (even when those others are fictional characters).

@Derp: Lol.
That's fine--Actually the General's first name has never been mentioned as far as I can remember. :'D It's good you remembered his surname, though!
And yes, I always thought so too!

@Krubitt: lolol, I guess he won't reveal why to us yet, if ever. ]= (Though it was probably for the very reason Shaul just mentioned: He hoped Con would grow a freakin spine).
And you know what they say: Shit floats to the top. --*counter grope*

@Guest: o,o Facebook? I wouldn't know how to set up a fan page there. *scratches balls*

@Nosecks: xD *gives secks*?
I doubt Connor would change. Maybe he'd improve his behavior slightly if just because he'd soon discover that his attitude won't fly with Noel and his men, but only slightly.

Thanks again ya'all for your lovely and most entertaining comments! <3
Blol, thanks to PrincessofLies for pointing out the typo in the previous page, it's been adjusted.
And for those of you who were confused: That's Connor's dad with the light hair (see pages 9-11 and 38-39) and Lt. Colonel Buttrape (pages 17, 48-54). Of course their looks have changed since I first began to draw this comic, as my style has changed, but they still look fairly similar to when they were first introduced, I think.

And yeah, they're talking about Connor. xD The experiment they're referring to will be further explained later on, too.

Replies to comments on previous page:

@Toli B: Lawl, no incest in this comic. xD Surprisingly.

@Princess: Yeah, thanks for pointing out the typo. Hopefully they don't occur too often. o,o
And probably, but he's a man, he can focus on only one thing at a time. ;3

@Tat: o,o Okay then.

@Senshuu: Not that the chibi art wasn't good enough, but yes, draw me moar.
Speaking of, I don't seem to have it in my gift art page, and I also don't seem to have it in my pictures folder (granted it's such a messy folder it's hard to find anything in there). D; Do you think you could send it to me again? Sorry.

@Krubitt: You assumed correctly.

@Jackie: *Patpat*....*bumpat*

@Derp: =0 What activities have you been participating in that leave you so exhausted? ;D
Also: Blol. Not with these guys. They're ugly anyway, so no loss. >_>;
All right, another update.

BY THE WAY: I got two new awesome fanart from two equally awesome people. Go check out the gift art section~
Thanks a ton you two!

Replies to comments on the previous page:

@Gothic: D: Whutwhut?
Yay for being legal. Soon. xD

@Sepulture: ;3 Why thankya.

@Derp: Connor is...complex, I'd like to think. And I pride myself in knowing (thinking? xD) that he's realistic in the sense that he isn't this weird and crazy for nothing, that his behavior can be explained and when explained, he can be understood and then maybe even sympathized with.
As for appearances: Oh man, if there is one thing that frustrates the hell out of me, it's when you can't tell characters apart. It's such a nuisance when you're trying to read a comic, and you constantly have to double check which character is doing/saying what. It's this annoyance which I've had to endure from so many other comics that's probably helping me draw my own characters with fairly distinguished features. Though it's pretty hard, even with this style. I can't imagine how hard it must be if your style is like Japanese anime or something. o.o;

@Baka: xD; Hm, well doesn't seem like you were the only one with that issue.

@Kage: Haha, it wasn't me. ;D SJ is more clever than I thought~

@Senshuu: My precious, glorious, delicious cawk!?

@Hilary: xD;
(What's RTFM? D: )

@Princess: lol, "Mistery": Nice way of saying he's stupid and makes no sense. Yet. ;D

@Tat: :D Yeah.

@Vincent: Haha, awesome Smack Jeeves, forcing people to comment.

@Toli B: And we all know that he WILL be back. He has no chice.

@Guest: I no rite. :D

@PsychoFerret: haha, yeah. Noel's badass when not confronted by naked, curly haired blondes who practically beg him for rape.

@Krubitt: xD I see.
Rofl, at this point I don't think Noel's "men" are going to be very pleased with him. He's still failed to get information, even after his "I know what I'm doing!" speech. =w=

@Iconic: ;D Your words are sweet and delicious and they make something grow. ...;D

@Everlasting: Haha, I don't blame you.

@Jackie: xD It kinda does. He needs to learn to be more realistic.

@Pedes: Oh really? *fondle* Welcome, then. xD