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Simply amazing!
If this is how bad Neptune's social skills are I can't imagine how socially awkward Uranus will be.
I'm not sure about the link between smoking and your eyes falling out but nicely done.
Oh come on, don't judge me. What's Christmas without the occasional bad pun.
In the news recently famous golfer tiger Woods was involved in a car accident. Also he did a lot of advertising with Gillette in the UK last year so I jumped at the opportunity of a bad pun.
he's coming in 22 days you know
harder than it looks... My god :P
The Mighty Boosh
Well since it's December I figured a few Christmas references were in order, you'll see a few more in the next coming weeks.

In case nobody reading has seen The Mighty Boosh (which I expect maybe the case.) then
Using dolls and action figures is original, I like the poses you've done with them
Some good effects used in this one
I loved your custom sprites in this series, they were terrific
who ever voted that 1 was a silly fellow
>Insult his ghastly appearence
As great as Borderlands is (and may I say it is terrific!), any chance of an update in the next couple of weeks. Really liking the story and your spirting style so far
well it made me chuckle
Made my day, this did.
What do you use to colour these?