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Pokémon: Waking Gaia.
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cool stuff bro
Still at it.
10 digits is gonna be a great fight! Right?
First of many!
Let's just cut to the chase.
Glad you're still here. Makes me somewhat happy.
It's back!
For now! If you have any questions feel free to comment. I will have future polls about team roster's and what should happen next, etc. I want to get you guys involved in some way possible.

So yeah. The prologue is over and now it's finally for Touya to start his unoriginal Pokemon adventure! Thanks for reading.

Try to guess the starters in Issue 7 btw.
You've should've made him more bruised up after every panel. Ahahaha.
oh em gee. Ralts. cute lil thang.
weedle plz :|
balls of fury
double comic!
Got two in one day, just in time. Touya was right all this time. Enjoy, thanks for reading! Comment and all that. <3
I just noticed I lost two fans after posting this. Oh well. 8D
Welcome back.
Yeah, i've been gone for a long time. But here's Issue 5. Enjoy. Thanks for reading. ./not much to say
Silver motivated me to make another issue. Don't worry guys, I still got it! Will be done soon.
Here's Issue 4.
Sorry for just another boring issue. It's going to get interesting soon, so don't worry guys. I've been busy lately, that's pretty much it.

Thanks for reading everyone, rate, comment and favourite! <3
Lol, read the author comment.
Yeahh, it's basically a boring chatting issue. But meh?
I'm still fixing up my schedule and I want to start the schedule on September the 1st. It'll be much easier for me.

Thanks for reading! Comment,rate and favourite. <3
apparently I worship myself as well. I shall take your sammich.

@Everybody else.
8D <3
I'm not that great with humour.
I don't know who would have scarier eyes, Silver or Miju.
Those escape ropes would be useful.
no more ambulances, just use escape ropes and go to the nearest hospital.