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Dr. Echidna
I have no description that can be read by anyone other than ...... CHUCK NORRISS!!!
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Dr. Echidna
January 11th, 2013
It's a shame that these two didn't get into the comic, since everyone knows that a dwarf makes everything better.
Happeh birfday!
Maybe it's just the mine rafter in me, but I just expect that guy to hiss and suddenly explode...
I take it back, this is the strangest thing Ive ever seen, cat-dogs dont even come close.
It liiiiiiiives!!!
sounds good.
hmm... cinco de mayo and tg's bday... Happy cinco de birthbay!...wait... that means happy fith birhtday...ah well.
pretty shure they allready have noses.
Its good to see that this comic is finally updating again
You've never seen it have you?
Why in the world would you try to kill them by splashing them with water!?!