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the litteral sonica shall have her/his revenge
hes gonna hide as a statue again that shall always work
sonic doesnt know okay he felt his new privates but didnt look so shadow feels akward
no roadblock shall stop the fastest thing alive so ha strife no offense but you....... FAIL
@ atomic dragon finally someone realizes it
@ kid money im going to quote in his world
"but its true the power lives inside of you INSIDE OF YOU YEAH
strifes mind
chaos emerald = shiny
sonic = target practice
wow snake obviously pleased the box god
how much you wanna bet luigi is a pile of ash
first berfore i say it no offense strife
moon the weasel
January 14th, 2010
recover missed ultra critically
technical difficulties suck a lot
time for the most epic battle of the new decade
sonic 1 emerald
strife 6 emeralds
P.S. i am emerald hunt score keeper
team sonic score 1 emerald
team strife score 6 emeralds
the GKB pwn but their evil ...*sigh*
*thinks up memory ray to turn GKB good
i betcha eggman forgot the batteries
strife let sonic get the first emerald and then torture him as much as you want
ANYONE who agrees with me say i
rip out lunas heart and she will turn into heartlesslunamon
happy birthday from me
strife vs moon sonicmon battle
sonic i choose you
foe strife chooses beta
sonic uses ride da plane
beta uses mine feild
sonic gets blown to oblivion