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I sure did, stab the person quickly.
$500 on Bowser. $100 on Ganondorf. (just incase he goes ganon)
yea it's back, can't wait to read the chapter 6.
good bye, fake geno
nothing stops mario when he has the fire flower.
Baby bowser is going to feel that for a long time.
this is so epic. I wish sonic fought like this in brawl.
I feel sorry for the good chao.
luigi is awesome!!!!!! to bad i don't have my wii.
yes, time for luigi's time to attack.
happy birthday
blind is a hard boss. I thought of baby bowser because of the head turn.
i say baby bowser.
I never liked skull kid in any of the zelda games. but its good to see him again. I didn't mind him in twilight princess since he played the same tune of saria's song.
can't wait to see Darwin fight.
finally caught up. I know you get tired of this, but you're a great artist. The comic is great and cannot wait to read the new ones.
he never did anything bad like getting shot through the heart by a guy name mephiles.