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OK so im black im jamacian i LOVE the ladies i live for 2 things: God, and shadow. i do my best to ask for the sprites i use before i use them.....and that basicly sums it up... OH YEAH WAIT my friend shares this account with me right now hes making "fighting fire" and "cdbertrams friends sprites". and IIIIMMMM IN A RELATIONS SHIP SUCKAS!!!
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luigi did it better...
oh wow
that may be the sickest thing i've ever seen
Cassidy can go both ways like Jordan, or sam
Forget this
Ya know what in startin over.
@senalcoolage: I actually didnt make Zash, Mampt did, in fact this load of bull is the first updating I've done in 2 years. Notice Comic 2137 that was made my Mampt.
And no i didn't just recolor some shadow sprites though i did use some shadow sprites to try and make them... clearly
This is a compressed sheet
Any Critizism would be welcome. thanks...
I don't know, I think this is better that 7/10. I think it's closer to 8.5 or 9/10 because it's so good for beginners.
YouTube, PlayStation, and Nintendo, right?
You just won so epicly.
Oh yeah, cat is goin' down!!
Its rally intended to be more of a serious comic.
This is the rest of the scan data for this scan. I will update the Scan Data page with the rest of the scan. There will be more scans explaining the project more in depth, as this is pretty general. The previous plotline will continue in the next comic. The main villains will be introduced soon as well.
Sorry about the shameless advertising. Pie God did complain about no one else updating with anything logical, so here something logical is! So here's the link: Metroid: Project Dread.
So, this is Samus's first scan. The whole data for this scan will take about three comics. It should be finished maybe by tomorrow. This scan will go in the Scan Data section.
She can control in mentally. Haven't you seen the Metroid: Other M opening?
So, Samus uses her scan visor for the first time here. The scan will be posted after the next comic, when she gets the data. She's also lost all her upgrades, whis=ch is why there are no missle or energy tank icons. I should be able to add another one by this afternoon... maybe.
And so begins the next story arc. Sorry about having more monlouging. I'm going to have to have more of that coming up soon. But, I'll also have some scans coming up. Oh, and sorry about that one typo in the third panel.
Also, keep giving some comments and criticism. Thanks!
So, this is the first battle scene... kind of. This is also the first time the point of view changed from 1st to 3rd. The Red and Blue Creatures are Space Pirates being scanned, and the blue squares are the target lock on reticules, and the error message is because there are too many enemies. It also introduces a new GF Trooper unit. They are the searce unit. Their job is to find the Pirate base. Also, the characters page has been updated with the new GF Trooper unit.
I hope you like the comic so far, and I'd still like more comments and critcism. Thanks!

Oh, and sorry about the last comic. I had to delete it because it got messed up. It showed one thumbnail and thi comic image was another. Sorry!