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Just your average twenty something year old with too much spare time on my hands. When not working at Jack in the box, I draw and play video games while surfing the web.
Yep, all at the same time.
My attention span is that bad.
I have always enjoyed the Legend of Zelda and Harvest Moon series the most out of all the Nintendo games.
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Day late since scanner was being a bitch.
Oh geez
That kind of happy face never bodes well for others. :T
It's about damn time, man. xD
Poor Keegan. I'd hate see him walk near one of those halloween decorations that have motion sensors.
Why are titles the hardest part to come up with?
September 18th, 2012
.... -table flip-
Butts in the one hundredth entry?
Brilliant!! 8D
@Midnightnoo: That's okay. Since you didn't draw their eyes in that panel either, the focus is put more on their actions and height differnce.

I adore how you did their expressions in the last panel.
Where did Blaze's tattoo go? :3
The sweetness of it is making my teeth hurt xD
@Bunny Hopp: That's frickin' brilliant. xD
Yes, he is shorter than Yale.

@Midnightnoo: mhmm
A wild Blaze has appeared
Does he look short now? xD
@Tailswish: I think I have a habit of grinding my teeth alot so that might be it.
@Tailswish: Mine are pretty flat and kind of crooked. o.o;

@coldeyes: It does make sense, I just didn't expect a close up on them.
Axton has some scary teeth o.o;
The blushing~
Dear lord the blushing <3
I like the close up on welly's face in the last panel.
Loving the jacket
How tall is he?