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Yep, their song "Battlefield" is what's quoted.

*gives half a cookie for only naming the band*
I will be gone for a week starting May 15th, I am going to London for vacation (whoo!). Just fyi.

I love how detailed and non-generic the troops are in the first panel, by the way.

Also, first person to get what song the comic references gets a cookie.
Proven scientific fact: Your mouse WILL bug out and jump halfway across the screen at random points while drawing anything in Adobe Illustrator.

Although the addition of Nitro makes me happy.

Anyhow, we recently had a power failure during the night, so you guessed it, I lost the comic. I know, I know, I suck at getting these on time, but it's the best I can do, I'm sorry.

I'm going to start working on it today, will be up either tonight, tomarrow, or the day after.
Couple things:
First: Rest in peace fallen students of Virginia Tech. My prayers extend to you and your families and friends.

On a far less serious note; is probably the most addicting game ever.

EVAR! (Note, it's New Sand Falling Game, not News And Falling Game)
Little question, is Rekias' text too hard to read? Should I make it a darker brown?
I know that isnt a carbon-copy of the Great Wheel.
It's not supposed to be. Also, if Psionic Teleport isnt a power... then who cares.
'kay, strip's half done, I'll finish it tomarrow.

*mentally notes to set Parental Controls to block the WoW forums*
Yeah, a splashpage, sorry guys.

I do however have the next strip planned out and will at the very least start it today.
Apologies for the lateness of the next strip, it will be out soonish. Hopefully in a couple of days. I do however have that one and the one after it planned out, and perhaps I'll merge them together.

Again, sorry for being late.

Yeah, kind of, except it came out of the pauldron (spelling?).
For people who don't know, "Ordo Venator" roughly translates into "Order (or Line) of the Hunter" if I recall correctly... and no, I don't speak latin, that's what my Latin/English-English/Latin dictionary by my desk is for. =P

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go collapse in a sleep-deprived pile now...
I should stop being lazy and stop with text heavy updates. Unless people don't really care...
Still Working On Comic
Um... so... yeah... still working on the comic, here's something that was already in my folder... umm... yeah.
Sorry for the lack of an update!
I completely forgot I even did a comic for a few days, so I'll work on getting the next one up... soon, hopefully.

And Robz... here's to hoping you're not being sarcastic.
Horray, another reader!

Anywho, next comic should be up soon...ish... it's about half done.
The gravitational pull on this plane is different from that on the Material (to avoid legal issues, I can't say exactly how it works, as this plane is not in the SRD), hence the reason of the angle of the last two panels.

Oh yes, and in case anyone's still not sure, this comic is mostly a "serious" comic, with the *occasional* joke. Don't expect punchlines in every strip.
I just realized...
That it may be hard to make out what the seemingly random black railing is. That's an unoccupied horse... thing, where you tie the horse down to be sure they don't run off and get sacrificed to Cthulhu or something. I forgot what it's called. This guy doesn't ride a horse, so it was his pillow a few minutes ago.
Writers Block
On comic #6... this is not a good omen. I was struggling for about 10 minutes trying to find a good line for the last panel.
I checked out TSoaLR, and it seemed to be more about the hobby than the actual setting. (To me, anyway) I'm not saying it's bad, just not the same type of thing.