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I'd love to see some short stories, personally!
November 17th, 2010
I'm actually shipping for Ross/Theron, but this page certainly is cute! <3
(Plus a little jealousy mixed in with Kaden realizing he can't have sex with Lyle and make it off to be him wanting to be with Kyla because Lyle doesn't have girly hair now, totally makes for a good set-up. =3)
September 4th, 2010
You spoil us so much, updating even when you're sick! I really hope you feel better. Being sick is no fun.

And Kaden's kidding himself. That 'one last time' will turn into another and another until Theron hopefully smacks him around into realizing he wants Lyle and not Kyla. >[

Still, I can't help but feel bad for Kyla. If she really likes Kaden, well... her boyfriend and twin brother are screwing her behind her back. =[ (Ooh how I wish you made Kyla more unlikeable! xD)
What's happening? =o
Bah da Bah da.... ding!
Your SHIRATORI has evolved into SEX GOD.

Noone should let me read webcomics right after I wake up. >.>
April 25th, 2010
That's final - I'm in love with Blueberry. <3 *goes off to die of laughter*
Felix has my vote. <3
February 18th, 2010
Looking forward to more updates. =3

And pssh, they look fine. I like the art style already~
February 9th, 2010
Welcome back!

And woah, crying!Hotaru is hot. D=
I can understand. If you look back, he never really gave her a chance to say anything. She tried, several times. Who knows, she might have avoided calling/writing him a letter prior because she was afraid (or knew) that he would just brush her off.

Anyway, hooray for another page. <3
January 11th, 2010
Nervous David is about one of the damn cutest things I've seen today. <3
Welcome back! <3
And wonderful page. Go Dake! <3
January 9th, 2010
Pssh, David /totally/ was going to say that from the start. He was always gonna come back, cause there's always a new sushi bar - duh <3
January 4th, 2010
Tell them! Tell them and get creepy Mayor destroyed! Or at least where he won't go near you again. >.<

Sleep well!
January 2nd, 2010
I agree with Higoons a bit, but at the same time... I feel so bad for David for having to deal with him right at that moment. xD;;
December 30th, 2009
I'd love to RP if you want. =D I'm mostly into medieval fantasy stuff. If you want, my AIM is Firaanemishu. =3

And poor David. =[
Awh! Poor kid. And the poor guy's gonna keel over from blushing. *giggle*
It's fine. =] Sketch pages are fine with me.

Hope you and your guinea pig both feel better, and that you find your tablet pen. (the latter being less important than the formers. =] )
December 26th, 2009
This should get reaaal interesting now. >w> Good boy, Haru.
December 25th, 2009
Silly silly Haru. <3

And hi friend! =D

Have fun playing Silent Hill. >w> I can't make it through any of them. xD I am weeeeak.