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So many updates! This is epic!! :D
"I feel defeted" Yes he failed to take the seme position XD
Randomly walking around naked in a apartment with a drunk boy in the house is proof that he's beggin´for it!
Yay! New character! :D
The last panel is beautiful! :D
Whoa, beautiful! :D
Aaaawww... :(

I'll be waiting for you forever!
Wierd = Awesome
That's what i think when people call me wierd to! <)
Weee! :D
The coloring is gogerous!
I love you <D
Yay i love freetalk sections!
January 7th, 2010
I have always founded fake smiles more scary than angry faces :x
Mabye he can kill his enemies with "Suprise attack!!" ?

And his hair look awesome by the way! :D
Ohh nice pic :D

And the caramelldance was awesome by the way! XD
This is sooo damm funny! Luve it! <3
Yay! Go seme! Make uke blush even more! XD
It must be hard to talk when vomiting roses and pearls...yep it is a curse >:x
I really like this comic! You just got a fav from me ;D
December 23rd, 2009
Your art...*drool*
December 23rd, 2009
Beautiful! :D