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-School why you troll me?-
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Ahhhhh so pro DDDDD8
Give me your skills /OTLOTL

I'd love to continue it as well XD;;;
Ahhhh, your style is adorable ;A; <333
And it's so unique :D!

Ufufufu, I'll see if I can post something too, school is so evil ;U; <333;;;
School is my reason too XDDD

I haven't been following the vocaloid news, but I am excited for SeeU XDDD
Her design is soooo cute <3
Got in a page before I had to go to bed = v=);;;

Ahhh, Nazo, you're such a lazy bum when no one is looking~~~~

Next person is up ;D
I'll have up my page tonight ^^
FFF this is beautiful ;A;
I love how you did her hair, and the lines look wonderful
and that background oAo <3333333
And that eye O vO) <33333

This looks amazing ;u; <33333
Hiiii ouo;;;

my exams are over, and I'm back from vacation, so I can take pg 53 ^^?
*guess who is almost done with finals 8DDD*

Oh, you drew them all so adorably ;u; <333333
You guys, posting at like.... 3 in the morning where I live :'D
I swear to god, I don't think anyone lives near me |DDDD

Asldjaksd I'm up for the next page = A=
It's due... Tuesday? *has tests tomorrow, so won't be able to work on it tonight*
Everyone is so cute on this page ;A; <3333
Oh my god he looks like such a creeper in the 3rd panel :'D
And then so cute in the last one XDDD
I'll pick one after like...
you all post your pages :'D
thank you, thank you > v<;;
Well, they can't expect us to make money with our art with we don't have nice programs to make the art with :U
It's a win win situation for them :VV
He's so cool looking ;DDDD
The outfit is adorable XD
Yeee, more students 8DDD
DUKE is so much fun to draw, he really is :'DDD

Ahh, I do my lines and colors in Paint Tool SAI = v=;;; Absolutely amazing program, I tried it almost a year ago, and I fell in love with it <3333
I didn't buy it after my trial ran out though XD;;; tool+sai
I got my version there, and it is pretty much the exact same as the actual one (I would buy the company's actual product, but since my parents don't really allow me to have any money of my own, I figured I would support the company and buy it when I'm older XD;;).
Try out a few, and see which one works the best, and you can get it for free ^^!
@GrayTheRwarness: Thank you XD;;; Don't feel bad for her :'D Kick her while she's down 8D!

@lazy_kitsune: Oh god, you guys :'DDD making me feel so young 8DDDD
I'm only a sophmore in high school XD;;;
we're all so clumsy :'DDD
Vocaloid 1st class: How to not trip on stage

Anyway, this is adorable XDDDD <3333
ORZing Nazo made me laugh :'DDD
Love the song, and the picture ouo <333333