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Currently trapped in the inbetween phase of graduating college and becoming a self sustaining adult.

While I work on that, enjoy some comic bits and pieces, and hopefully eventually a more long term comic story (if I ever think of one).
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@NoodleBeri: Aw, thank you so much. <3
@Reiu Shanra: Aw, thank you! I'm never quite sure how to pace things, so it makes me happy to hear that. =3
@me: aw, thank you so much <3
@svenjacobs Thank you =3
@svenjacobs XD glad to hear it! Next page updates at minnight tonight. (the updates will be Tuesday and Thursday every week)
The End
I know this isn't so much a coherent story, but I hope people still enjoyed it.
I love drawing that little fox. <3
Awkward Decisions
I feel a little awkward about the first two pages.. I just couldn't think of a way to smoothly establish some of the things I wanted too. Eventually I gave up on making those things clear, and just plowed forward. X3
@Spectre: It means a lot that you commented. And yeah, safe to say I decided to stop the comic. After working none stop on the video game for the last year, I just don't have it in me.

There will definately be comics and other free to play video games in the future, but in the mean time Mire Manifestations is available now. =3
I promised this link a long time ago! I wanted to wait until after I'd applied to some jobs before sharing it. Not that I reach a wide audience, but on the off chance to many people visiting slowed or stopped the game from working for a prospective employer. Right now I'm looking for a local job instead, so here is the game you've been waiting to see!


(Game uses the unity engine, and you may be prompted to download unity player for it to work.)

Game controls: WASD or arrow keys to move. Right click or E for the action button (punching or interacting). Feel free to message me if you get stuck, have problems, or want to talk about the game.

Thank you to everyone who read the comic, and I'm so sorry to have stopped. I think its safe to say I'm done drawing Halloween, but you may see another comic with Briar and Zacharrie goofing around in the future (which I won't post unless I'm sure it will be finished, but its a shorter story, so that's very possible.)
I think its important what ever work flow you use to finish comic pages be one your comfortable with. It cell shading will suit you better, go with that! I will crawl back into my whole and cry about the death of characters I love in this comic. *sobs*
Lizard Ascots are cool
More concept art.

These are the main characters likely to be appearing in any future comics, short or long. From left to right: Aleene, Joeli, Aloys, Damien, and Airen.

XD I feel bad. I drew a line up picture of them in their actual clothing, but its kinda 'eh'. Now I dress them up in Victorian inspired clothing for fun, and I actually really like what I did. OH WELL. They dressed up nice to meet you.

And yes. That is a lizard in an ascot.
Not my room mate thinks I'm crazy because I started flailing around laughing hysterically. >.>

Posting some related sketches here still.. I might post some other short comics, but theres nothing planned right now. <3
Seeeee, they both couldn't sleep.

The end~
XD This is the only good page of the comic.

(And yes, he has no left arm.)
I've been working on these two new characters. Mostly just practicing sketching them and such, but I made this, and decided to post it. Not much to it. <3
I've mentioned it here and there, but this place has been due for a proper update for a whiiiile.
My apologies!

So let me tell you exactly whats going on. As some may know, I'm in the middle of my capstone in collage- that is, a final project that spans my entire senior year. My group and I are building a video game based off of the story being used for this comic.

Bad news: I am far to busy working on capstone to do much of anything artistic, besides the occasional doodle. It is impossible for me to make new comic pages until after May (when I graduate).

Good News: At the end of this project the game will be free for download, and possibly online streaming. Its content is not identical as whats in the comic, but its the same source material.

Dilema: No matter what, you will have access to the free video game at the end of this all. However, I've been turning over the idea of whether or not I want to continue the comic once I have graduated collage. I have always been very committed to this comic, and I love working on it, but keep in mind, only a small portion of the writing of it can really be attributed to me. My thoughts, essentially, are that I really want to spend my time after collage and before I hit full blown career, working on more personal projects. If I created a new web comic, for example, I want to write my own story, in which I have 100% control.

But at the same time, I don't want to give up on /this/ comic. I said when I started it that I wanted to finish, and I have a full story, from beginning to end, ready to be converted. And of course, you lovely dedicated people that have hopefully been reading. Until recently I fully intended to continue the comic once I graduated, but just recently I've been having this thought that that may not be what is best for me as an artist.

So tell me your thoughts. Are you excited to see the video game? Are you disappointed I might stop updating? Are you interested in what future project I might take on instead?

And of course, you can check back here for a link to the video game late into May, or follow my deviant art,
What? It's way after Thursday? LIES. I totally got this page in on time(almost).

We'll see if I can do better next Thursday, but don't get your hopes up to much, it might be late again. XD

@cliffi - the bathtub monster likes to touch, though <3
To make up for my recent suckage in regular updates, a little filler work of the upcoming video game of this comic.

So here's the preview of Zacharrie's face in 3D. Making his hair will be sooooo hard. XD

I'm going to try to update by next Thursday, so you can all see just what sinister plans the grape jelly hand has.
This page was hell drawing, but it only took me two days to color. Go figure. XD

Sorry for being gone all summer, but now that I'm back in school, I'll try to go back to Thursday updates. <3

Also, good news~ A (very modified) version of the comic is going to be made into my groups Capstone project. In other words, it'll be a video game! We have to finish it by the end of the year, so lets hope we build 3D models faster than I make comic pages! Haha.