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Lizzy C
Hello, and Welcome!

I go by LizzySarai, but feel free to call me by any variation of it.

I work hard by day, but night I dedicate it all to art, and slowly but surely finishing a very long saga. I hope to one day post the finished art here.

Until then; Thank you for your visit.
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*and the fangirls' go wild*
^^ is this later on? Cause Hades looks a little older. Very nice page. Clean and pretty.^^
total awesomeness. Just shows how awkward a question it is, and what better way of breaking that awkwardness than making it to be funny.
hmmm...still at a loss on who she might be. His face shows his stress.:D
and that is when Hades learns why the caged bird sings.
♪♫building mysteries.♫♪
Cronus plays the insane father very well,-_- The atmosphere you create is a nice touch.
little Hades is way to adorable♥
ohmygod!ohmygod!ohmygod! *is sooo glad to have logged in today!*
This is so great!
Love the lettering, and!!!*gasp*:D
he looks so determined. Great effect on the first panel.♥♥
I think Silda just loves hurting Rens' pride.
Kids expression is priceless.^^
this whole page is just priceless^^
great job on the last panel, just adds up to the suspense perfectly.^^
*suspence is killing me*
who is?! who is it?
bad little Ren, disobeying orders and getting into trouble.^^;
well that's one way of introducing yourself to a new class.^^
Oh my god that is so cute! He looks really cute smiling like that^^ oh poor Emi:c lovely page
oh Ren >LOL< Him and his weird calling voices, adventure...*sighs* yeah I knows that call.^^
cute little hou"se<3
The room of no fun" :D
Flora-such a cute little girl.><
turning to be a quite fun read.
2nd panel is great. And the 6th(?) one, is <3
So great. I'm thinking she's a bit paranoid.;)
your paneling is great, this page doesn't feel crowded at all.