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Music major (flute and recorder, mostly), interested in all things medieval and renaissance-y.

Also, I'm a little weird. I like role-playing games, video games, anime, manga, and a touch of American comics. I love watching Universal Sports and baseball, but I'm pretty much as unathletic as it gets.
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    Victoria Bachman
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The pink arrow at the end of the page is currently just redirecting back to this page. It's weirdly fitting, but you might want to fix it anyhow. XD
Wait, did Flux just go an entire comic page without sticking her foot in her mouth? She's rambling, sure, but everything she's said is valid and useful. Good job, Flux!
Holy cow, you guys. I love this page so much, you have no idea.

I love how much attention Tricia put into varying the art styles on the portraits. It really gets the point across that these are PAINTINGS, done over time by different artists, not just recent photographs.

And the music fits the mood perfectly. I would actually love to have a file of it. It'd be great for mood music, or creeping local kids out on Halloween... or just because. After all, I listen to this sort of thing for fun. ;)
@W.: Someone in his.... I guess Amical would have to have a family, theoretically. I... I have known about Amical for YEARS and never once did this occur to me.

If you'd excuse me, I'm going to be in the corner, trying to reconcile this in my mind.
Asia's mind, it does not work like a normal mind.

Although she's mentioned that Ken is a journalist, right? It really shouldn't surprise them that she picks up on things like that.

P.S. Could we possibly get larger images of Amical's portraits? I'd love to be able to see them more clearly.
@Charil: Amical's too smart to let that happen. I bet he'd have someone like Rick or Malloy dial for them, not give them the base of the phone so they can't call someone else, and then stick around in the background to supervise.

I just want to see how ornate his phones are. They're lovely, I'm sure.
Yeah, no kidding. I'm having a hard time liking Frederik because of how inconsiderate he seems.
Aw, this page is so sweet! I love Malloy as team dad.
Stan, what are you saying? The amount of Ho Yay in this page is making me dizzy. O.O
Visual novel meets point-and-click adventure game. That's pretty dang nifty. :D

I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with this feature in the future!
Private Tour
Do not want.

The library, though? Gimme.
@Profpatsch: Dude. DUDE. My mind is blown. I want Amical-vision on this baby, stat! (I know, he's not a POV character, but... I wanna see.)
@Profpatsch: If the revolving whatsit around the barrel is included, I count six, making for a grand total of seven spells/animations on this page. Eee, shiny things! *claps excitedly*
The last two frames nearly made me choke on my water. I love Asia so, SO much.
I really, really like how this CG turned out, particularly the lighting on Adrestia's jacket, and the detailing on Asia's coat. I know you've said it's a bear to draw, but you did an awesome job here.
Oh, I have, Profpatsch. I just thought the comment was running long enough as it was. XD
The return of the magic buttons! I am more than happy to see them back; the interactive elements are ridiculously fun. I may have clicked the button something like ten times.

One slight issue, though. In the frame after the spell, should it be, "She didn't break her stare, and she focused on the goal: to know how old he was." instead of two separate sentences?
As much as I hate to say it, I'm with Amical here. What would happen if Adrestia found herself in over her head, and needed to tell someone else about it? "That bleedy thing is looking pretty bad" is not particularly useful at that point. The idea is to study and figure out how it relates to what she already knows. </over-thinking>
Don Quixotes: Betray them with a kiss, perhaps?
Oh, Amical, you are missing the point so hard, and it is adorable.