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Uhm. I hate these things x_x; Because I'm not interesting at all. Dx
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soooooo CUTE! *grabs & cuddles both of them*
dont worry, hun. you'll seduce him yet. *patpat*
naked jacob is naked :3
i say wednesday & saturday :D
awwwwwwwwwww~!!!!! what a cute little kitty~! ...i bet its evil. o3o
NAUGHTY NAUGHTY DAVID. Didn't you learn to look both ways before crossing the street and gushing about your new beau?! Apparently not, and now look what happens!!!
Me: Desta,honey, commere.
Desta: ?
Me: what he was gonna say was, he loves y-
David: *holds up blackmail*
Me: UH. T-that he loves...loves...yogurt. Yeah, thats right...>_>;;;
Desta: But what about the sushi?! ;A;
gorgeous~ <333
update? pwease? :D
If you don't like it, don't read it, dumbass. Seriously, how many sex scenes in this did you read before writing this? If you didn't just do this to be an asshole about it, you would've stopped reading at the very first one, not posting this on a random page that doesn't even mention sex. An author wants praise and constructive criticism, but no one wants to be flamed. So just shut your face and go talk shit elsewhere.
my ex did something like that to me once xD it drove me crazy Dx
Full of win. xD
I just looked at the character page. Elise and I have the same birthday.... :o
'NILLA WILL BECOME FAMOUS BY... being the posterboy for vanilla wafers? xD
EDIT: yes i can see it now... he's on the box all nakey...with a vanilla wafer protecting the virgin eyes of society...i'm so screwed up in the brain.
@Faery Goddyss:
I SECOND THAT. Hee...alejandro.
ffffffff- narutard. xD
vdss...ogfddi....hfds. *A* there are no words to describe how much of a win this is. AND I SEE THAT HAND, SUNNY.and look, gloomy's giving soki his christmas present....>;3
ceilingcat taeks pix and posts on interwebz MWAHAHA.
your icon. teh iconnnnn. hatterrrrr <3 *drool* xD
poor clumsy tony...xD
1st comment, bahaha.
*flail* nuuu able! D: *patpat, huggle, other random motherly crap* shall be a'ight *gives new ice cream* .... *stops rambling* xD
Random Azumanga Daioh! reference = Epic win. x3