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suspicious birthdate? these ppl never heard or premies??
¡awww q lindo! me encanta areial con su pelo corto. pero,tengo una pregunta(o dos)¿erick va a vivir bajo el mar con ariel? also whats ariels papi gonna think about his only hijo is inlove with another guy
sebastian lol
i named my ferret that the day before i watch kuroshitsuji.
mmmm i smell yaoi
sniff-sniff soooo wait is that the kids name or just the title again at the end.
i wounder how sofia explained being pregnate with her rapist kid to her family...
sooo adorable...but he is such a lil wuss...he is nothing like Art.....
why do i have a feeling that there is gonna be a little art running around
¿why? why art what did he ever do to anyone(besides the obvious)
phew thank god that last page was fake...
now Art:
choke attack
hehe i keep forgetting jun is a girl
i hate when people blow smoke inmy face lol
yezzz now art shoot that a police car in the back behind the window
its like harry potter with that spider dude
look at art with his sweet ninja moves. sofia come and stab the bad bad emo kid
why does oscuro always have a rapist face....i dont even try to give him one he just does
damn oscuro stop being a phedo