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Well, as you may guess, I'm a huge zelda fan. I've played nintendo games for years and Zelda is probably the best one there is. Next to Professor Layton. I also do a lot of drawing, painting, writing, and roleplaying. Altogether I love creativity.
*redead screech*
Hey, I'm alive, who knew!

I know it's been a while since we updated. There's really no excuse for it. A lot was going on in life at the time, and I fell a little out of love with drawing pages. A lot has happened in the last few years, and I've found that I really miss these characters. I miss the opportunity to tell this story. I was considering making it into a video game, but I figure that takes even LONGER to do lol

So here I am, 5 years later. I can't promise I'll do a page every week, as I do have a job doing other things, but I've decided I want to try again. This is the first of two pages I've drawn in the last week, so expect another fairly soon. People still visit this comic (can't tell you how big a compliment that is, after this long) and I don't want to disappoint. Again.

Also, happy new years :D
Back on the map I fell off of

I'm not even gonna try to explain my way out of my poor update habits, here's a new page lol

Medievalsparrow is gonna be helping me out from here on out, so you may see occasional fluctuations in the art style, depending on who drew the page. This time, I still had a page in reserve to finish up, but next issue will probably be courtesy of her, so don't panic, more be coming lol

Also, as a way to make it up to readers, sorta speak, I've got my hands on RPG Maker. And frankly it would be silly of me not to make a game based on this story. Heck it may get done before the comic does! But I will keep people in the loop with how that is going, it will definitely be available to play online somewhere when its done. So far I've only got little sprites walking around on a map that mildly resembles eastern Hyrule, so I've got some work to do!
Look look, I updated when I said I would! Aren't you proud of me?

The Koro returns! Run in fear.
No, tektites can't read.

Also, my new attempt at a routine is one comic page every two weeks now. I figure it'll be easier to abide by than one a week, and since I KNOW its easier I won't be so bad about putting off working on the pages (which resulted in the awful lack of updates from before). So here's hoping!
Yeah I thought you'd be happy, Sparrow :P lol
An update?? Whaaaaaat??

Ok long time coming, I know. But it did come. You know, eventually :P

Trust me when I say this wasn't the first, nor will it be the last or most insignificant brotherly spat between Koro and Kalim. They don't get along. AT ALL.
Awwww poor Camilo! He's so darn cute. Childhood traumas for the win?
.... Ok so it was a half lie, it wasn't posted soon, but it also didn't take four weeks? ahaha....

Anyway, its really late, I should get some sleep if I'm gonna survive the convention lol but before I go I thought I'd give you this and simply say that I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates. Along with issues I was having with my inking for the lineart, I sort of lost the spark for a bit there and was having a hard time working on the comic. I think I'm regaining some of it back though, I have three pages drawn out and just need to colour them up. Which is the hard part of course but I can do it! So hopefully you'll be seeing more of the updates resurfacing soon. In the meantime, like Koro said, you can find me at the convention this weekend, I'd love if any of you would say hi if you saw me there, even if it was followed by a "update you evil person!!". Otherwise, hopefully you'll hear from me again soon with the next page!
Ok so I'm a horrible liar and I need to be shot. Here's a new page, a real one this time. Darnit. The next one is in the works this time, so it shouldn't take as long as this one did. I know I've said a lot of stuff about updates so I'm not gonna promise it for next week because I know my weekend is taken up (callbacks for the show Wipeout! Wish me luck) but it won't take four.

That aside, I only just realized that Kalim just came in and in all his short/rudeness, he didn't even introduce himself. He'll have to get on that lol His name is Kalim, by the way :P

Edit: Also, happy birthday Koro, one day late. Don't hurt too many people lol
I am the worst for updates right now aren't I? I've seen a couple of followers drop the last couple of weeks. And once again I have no actual page to post. Life is not slowing down it seems. I'll have one for next week though, promise! In the meantime I had a picture of Pyrith I drew a ways back I thought I'd give you guys until then. Just so you know I'm not dead.

Why's he have wings? Broken ones for that matter? Because they're fun to draw. And his character design actually spawned from a fallen angel design I used for another story I wrote during college. So I thought I'd draw what he'd look like if he had wings like the old character did. Enjoy!
I'm alive, not to worry! Yeah sorry about completely vanishing on last week's update. Between work, drawings for another art contest, and about a million other things, I found little to no time to draw in. This week is looking to be equally busy, if not more so, so I hope I'll still have another page for next week, but if I don't, you'll know why. Darn deadlines huh? Don't worry, I'll be back at it really soon.

Either way, I've been picking up different ways of shading and I think it's really helping the overall look. And huzzah, welcome to the comic Kalim! Fun starts now (Medievalsparrow, I know what you're thinking. Remember your promise :P)
Harhar. No, Fayte's not dead. In fact, he really is just sleeping.

And only now I realize that there are.... no zoras around the main hall. Guess they're all in a very important meeting lol
Here lies the beginning to the epic adventures that will ensue in chapter 2. There will be a temple, gorons, zoras, and even a bit of clucky! We shall have to see.

Sorry there's no REAL page today, but the weekend was long and instead I bring you a new banner/look to the website in celebration of chapter 2 and the update in my art style. Hope you all like!

Extra special thanks to MedievalSwan for the chapter cover page. I know it took some effort due to photoshop being a jerk but it turned out marvellous lol
I know, I keep hinting at characters you don't get to see much of yet. I'm a horrible person :P I just like to show hints of what people you can look forward to seeing more of. Because they're fun^^

And I can't BELIEVE I forgot to draw the green drapes hanging from the queen's armbands on the last page. I included them this time, I'll try and fix the last page. Maybe no one will notice lol
Yeah this got finished maybe five minutes ago. I've been racing to get this one done, barely did. Lucky I got it done today at all XD But here it is! Say hello to the Gerudo Queen (she is queen because the male of their race isn't yet born and someone has to lead between the ruling of the kings). She's skimpy, yep. But I like her all the same, hope you guys do as well. She'll be around a lot and once I get a chance to catch up, I'll put up her profile. Hopefully this week, if not, next.
Yeah I intended to post this saturday but I wasn't home. So that didn't happen. Here it is all the same, drawing yet again courtesty of MedievalSparrow ^^ I think she intended me to shade it but honestly I like it the way it is. So thats how I left it
Hmmm, yay new name you don't know! Kalim. That's right. You'll see in chapter two which will begin in two weeks! Yay! (and don't worry, there is an update next week too. It's an in-between-chapters type page, since it makes sense that way. Kinda like the prologue was, since it needed to be seperate from chapter one lol)
Yeah, it's a long page title but it was worth it lol Personally I love clucky. Who can say no to that face? Nobody. Not even Koro.