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I am short, lovable, cute, innocent, and devoted friend who loves everything yaoi! I am known as a fairy and love to write poetry.

Okay more details about me:
Name: Mia (Me-uh)
Age: 23
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 145 (mainly in my boobs and ass)
Favorite Quote: Teddy Bears don't always hug back, but sometimes they are the only ones you got.
Features: Redish brown hair parted from the left side of my head and side swiped bangs pointing to my right, BIG dark brown eyes, usually pinker then normal lips (naturally), olive colored skin (since sicilian), slender fingers with small hands, small feet, and renaissance sculpture/painting body.
Clothing Type: Usually anything nice and comfy, I like to wear lots of old hippy dresses and skirts my mom gave me from her hippy years. Tank tops and tights/leggings are usually something you'll find me wearing. Footwear is sandals, Sandals, SANDALS!!! and sometimes slipper shoes, ex: ballet flats, cluggs (clog+uggs), uggs, sluggs (slipper+uggs), etc. Oh, and sometimes converse.
  • Real Name
    Mia Ferrante
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Love the new look for the pages, it's very lovely! :3
I'll be seeing you there possibly in my pinkie pie outfit or my cat girl outfit!! :D
May 18th, 2012
I always look forward to your updates! They make me so happy! Plus I love you art style :3
*gets on knees and screams slowly lifting head to the sky* nnnNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
I really hope he doesn't die or this comic, it is so wonderful and brings happiness to my heart. :)
why are you killing off all the best characters!!!! XO
Holy fuck! What is wrong with those people!!! He said that they win! >:O
Damin i was for sure sexy snake action might happen :P
I love these two so much! Though I am surprised that he has the balls to say that kind of thing in front of his wife! LOL XD!!
Val is a very jealous jane. Though, who's to blame him when he wants to be a lone fucking with this boy in his mind! >:3
Yeah they look like pearls or something! Maybe it is to wish his way back into Ethukai world!
Yep Daddy issues will do that to you :/ Poor Jacob!!! *hugs*
:( I feel bad for him, so much pressure to carry on his shoulders, I just hope he knows we will love him if he turns out to truly be gay! :3 We are here for you!!!
kick his ass then run back to the sea and chase after your love!!!
Get the Hell OUT OF THERE!!! DX
She better have not hung up!! >:(
I thought they would be in sexy kitty and sexy wolf or something naughtier but its okay ;D
I am so happy with all that I am seeing, I just hope he doesn't get to excited by riding on his back.
oh gosh :O This is a very stupid plan
January 31st, 2012
You are such a good artist!! I love how faithful Jura is! Though I am sad at how Herz looks T^T