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Heeeeeeey~! :3 Welcome back!!
I have to agree, your colouring did improve (not saying your old one is crap though...)
^^ Let it all begin with Toast!
bet his mom is there cause she broke up with her boyfriend and decides to make Gavin's life miserable -w-"
o.o" Jasper is the best suspect now..
They say the criminal is always the one you least suspected in the beginning...
A year long... I can manage... I can manage... NO I CANT QAQ" lol...
I will still be here even after a few more years, cause this is a comic that deserves to be stalked, waited for, and read. :3
Found this comic, read it all in half an hour and I demand more pleaaaase XD
The best comic about transverse.. ness... lol Rain shall be my role model X3
Lawl, i almost thought he was gonna rape the info out of Mel.. hahaha.. -w-"
OMaigawsh omaigawsh omigawsh!!! O___O" I just reread this whole comic and I realised Brunei has a mole under his left eye. LIKE MEEEEE!!! SQUEAL!! XD That makes me feel more Bruneian than ever ;3
Sorry... ^^" I was too concerned about drawing the south east asians that I've forgotten north asia o___o"
*continuous head banging on the wall
Indonesia's Tiger, Sumatra
Little Brunei
Then E.Malaysia's cat, Kuching
Next is W.Malaysia
Last, little roaring kitty is Singapore
It's been 1 year since I first started this webcomic and I'm happy :D
There are a lot, A LOT of times that made me feel like giving up this comic, but you guys always make me feel like continuing it ^^ So thank you all, and hope to see again same time next year XD

The characters of South East Asia; right to left :
Philippines - He's having a siesta. Influenced by Spain.
Brunei - Is playing with her two former subordinates
Vietnam - Curious. But she still has her deathly bamboo.
Indonesia - Gonna take W.Malaysia's Vital Regions
W.Malaysia - HALP ME!!
E.Malaysia - Sorry Brother!!! >.<
Singapore - is new to this..
Myanmar - Trying to stop Cambodia and Thailand fighting again
Cambodia - Hates Thailand... Just hates him...
Thailand - Happily defends himself and giving indirect insults to Cambodia
Laos - Spacing out.. He forgot what he came there for
This was a quick sketch.
There's Mr. Pontianak :D
Pontianak - (1) Vampire, (2) An Indonesian town in Kalimantan, Borneo Island.
There are a lot of ghost stories here in South East Asia, that its one of the hottest topic around.
Cats... I had the urge to draw them...
Itabby : VeMeow~!
Sorry guys for late updates... =_=" I'm in a devastating depression right now....
-my computer had to be reset cause of a virus...
-a huge warfare against my dad
-I think i'm losing the will to continue this story..
-school work is piling up my room by the minute
-I'm dying... ok, just joking

So sad to say, I'm not sure if I can keep up with this comic, but I'll try my best >.< And I might not be able to draw in on my computer anymore so it'll be all in pencil... again... *shot
Quickly drawn.. Gawd I despise drawing maps.. Nywaaaaays... There's Spore and Malaya (West Malaysia)

I realized I've played Romano's Tomato song for more than 6k times >.> I'm addicted to the song as if it was drugs...
Anyone else have a fav hetalia song? n hw much didja play it?
Mystery pizza boy and Leo are in it together!! XD it's either one of them!
Two pages today.. because I didn't update last week >.<
Belated Birthday to Brunei on the 23rd Feb, 27th years old.. lol.. She's so.. young... -__-" (Though the official date that she became independent was on the 1st January..)
That's it.. I'm updating every Sunday from now on because after 3 weeks, my Saturdays have become very busy..... QAQ I'm in deep shit with my studies since this is my fatal 'O' Level year...

Oh, I drew Russia in the Axis' side because of the Nazi-Soviet Pact made 1939. Thus Russia was in the Axis until Germany committed a surprise attack against Russia called Operation Barbarossa. After that, Russia signed up for the Allies side.
The most bizarre conversation between me, my friend and the pink 'post it' notes...
Lol.. Saudi Arabia just came to me like that when he asked me why those three didn't have bushy eyebrows...

I ask if there are any Prussians out there!! Steal my friend's virginity for he is half Austrian!! XD lol jkjk... I'm stealing it..... jk..
Quick sketch due to over exhaustion from celebrating Chinese New Year!! XD Chinese New Yeaaaaaaar!!! It's like soooo tiring when you're the oldest of your siblings... >.< You have to stay at home and be the host... o___o" But everyone's wearing all red!! Targets for fireworks!!

Russo-Japanese War February 1904 to September 1905
It is said when Japan won, he became the first Asian country to win against a westerner, which greatly motivated the other Asian countries.
I can't seem to find the link to that comic strip about this but it's when Japan started seeing Russia as an evil fire breathing destroyer aka. Russiazilla

B. Guest - How scary that I was discussing those stuff with my granduncle... He thinks Brunei's better of without Sarawak and Sabah because a small nation has a small amount of problems..
Gomen gomen, it's a day late...
I've reread this comic and I found out Japan and England are too .. oc-ish.. orz This is shit...