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@Almightyra: So do I.
This is it. I decided to upload the rest of the pages since I was failing miserably at remembering to upload them.'s the end of it.

For now, anyway.

There's a lot of redoing I need to do. Gotta redo all the typesetting, finish some pages and redo others, and do something about those horrid text walls. Maybe I'll just draw the whole thing over again, lol. But I owe some people copies of this as a book, so I'll take care of them first.

Thanks for reading KD!!! Seriously, thank you! It's the first comic I've ever finished [or came close to finishing anyway] so it's quite an achievement on my part.

And it isn't THE END, either. You could say this is "part one" of Leona's story. There IS more to say, about what happens next and more of Leona's back story and other things. I just don't know when I'll tackle "part two."
June 30th, 2013
@Maaria: is that floor wooden parquet or just linoleum tile? ;) actually managed to FORGET that I had a weekly comic to update. Yep. I am *that* much of an airhead. 81 So are a stack of pages, and a promise that I'm back to regular uploads! We're nearing the end at this point. Makes me wanna go back and redraw the whole comic tbh, heh...
June 27th, 2013
I'm loving that kitchen.
Wow note to self, fix those text walls.
Enter: Dedmond! Early update before I forget to actually update!
Leona would not take kindly to practical jokes and pranks, if you couldn't tell.
Sorry for the sudden hiatus, guys. I got caught up in a couple of deadlines for school [still not caught up >.>]. I will go back to updating regularly now. Also, this is the last "unfinished" page, so everything will look somewhat better now, haha...
"Faldros, out."
Here, have three pages today. :D We're also getting to the end of the unfinished pages; thank goodness, 'cuz I'm so backed up in schoolwork right now I don't have time to finish them haha;;
I smell a flashback coming on...
Wheee! I submitted a bound copy of KD to the comic exhibit ON TIME. I haven't gotten a rejection email, so I *think* this means it got in. The show opens tomorrow, so I'll stop by and make sure.

However, I didn't have time to finish this middle section, nor did I have time this weekend to finish them before I uploaded them, so...again, I apologize for some of the questionable art, haha;;. BUT, to make up for that and to celebrate the near-completion of the comic as a whole, here's a special FOUR PAGE upload!

Well, sort of. As it turns out, I'll be gone next weekend, and won't be able to upload the pages. I could time them here on Smack Jeeves, but I can't time them on Manga Magazine, where I also post this comic at.
Leona is a bit dense if you haven't noticed.
The deadline for the comic show I'm entering this in is Mon/Tues next week. I'm...not done. o___o; But I HAVE drawn and shaded the final page! It made me really happy, but also really sad...; v ;
What a horrid head that is in the right page. :< I didn't have time [or a warm enough drawing hand] to correct it.

Faldros makes an appearance at last, and *SURPRISE*, he's not a damsel in distress after all.
I've started changing the fonts. I hated the previous ones. They may change again. (Note: People who buy the book version will get a much tidier version with consistencies in art and type, heh.)
February 23rd, 2013
Sometimes I think Leona only has two expressions: Angry and Very Angry...
February 23rd, 2013
This time I went back and finished the pages that were to be uploaded today. I'll try and get last week's finished up soon.
February 18th, 2013
This is where the quality began to drop. I had wanted to start retouching them up as I go, but I don't have time to do that today. So, I'm sorry! I hope to finish the pages up soon.