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I am rather boy-ish for being a girl. I like baggy clothes, since they tend to be more comfortable. I have short hair, and I wear glasses. I would be considered an otaku, or a "weeaboo" to some. I like to read manga more than watch anime, since it's easier to find. I like to draw in my spare time, and I'm currently a college student studying programming. I like reading, writing, and drawing (obviously). I'm happily engaged, and I've been wanting a kitten for AGES.
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I'm making a filler and am going to try my hardest to do a page of some form tomorrow. PLEASE FORGIVE MEEEE!
The guy... with the pointy hair? He reminds me of a cat~! :3 A bob cat. Is his name bob? XD
August 21st, 2011
Aww, no more daily's? Thas okay. :3 I can wait as looong as I need to for other updates! I should probably work on my own comic too though <<; I'll still read! :3
August 20th, 2011
Box-chaaan ;-;
This comic is soooo awesome! D: It's hard to see it end. And it's safe to say I was expecting a bigger battle between Joey and Val, but yaaay Val's alive
I just get this feeling like they're wrong,and he's not going to die. ><? D: Iunno, I hope it works...
Ogawd Kaitousblackwings don't even joke.... DDDDD:
Ohhh.... Buuurrnn...
To clear it up:
Not sure about the blood part, but I know his blood causes fires. Think back with Valentine, when he was sent into hell? The reason his house burned down was cause he injured Joey and it caught fire.

Also, Joey, you're a psycho DX Can't you see your own hair in front of your face?
I was beginning to wonder when she'd be heard by someone else XD
........ ;-; This is... is.... ;_____; Mathew is my favowite chawacter... ;3; dun die.... ;________; poor mathew!!!!
Bluuuuh, it's as the filler says... Every week has loads of school work, and I barely found time to upload this after drawing it T.T I'm so soooorrryyyy... Summer might bring more comics though! Please be patient with me!
Omai goodness, today was so hectic....

I want to start out by saying I'm SOOOooooo sorry that I have STILL yet to get out another page. Here's a valentine's pic as an apology! There's also a (VERY) late Holiday pic coming up soon. I already drew it, I just need to upload it. ._.; I have the next -actual- page planned out, but I'm trying to get over a major art block, if you haven't figured out with how mis-proportioned the pic is up there. I suppose my only excuse is that I started my second official semester of college, and it's gotten hectic with only four classes. If I'm ever taking too long with an update, PLEASE feel free to email the kairo-kairo email account, and complain! Or write a comment, or something... D: It might make me get my butt in gear or something.

Anywho, enough with the rant. I hope everyone had a good and happy Valentine's day! If not, I hope you had a pleasant candy-day! o_o

EDIT: Oh em gee.... Has it been a whole year already? DX I haven't even reached 15 pages yet! I feel unaccomplished.......

-Silver Kitten

(Oopsie, I almost put this as the alternate text for the image! Teehee, silly me <.<;; )
X333 eee, Jasper art. I think I like Jasper the most :3
Hahhaaa, woww XD
December 17th, 2010
DX I know I haven't updated in for-EVER. I'm so sorry. But when school comes up I just don't got that drive to draw, y'know? Or maybe you don't know... Or maybe I'm rambling. Not like anyone reads, ever. D:<

But yeah, here's the next page, woo!
Kehehehee... Oh Kinny. You're so shy. XD And Alice, you're sooo right.
dawww, I hope Matthew can get someone finally ;w; He's my favorite character.
LOVE mass updates. I can't wait to see how Joey will react to this... though I have to say, though the new art style is awesome, it's REALLY difficult to tell who's who. Left to right it looks like Vlad, Cyrus, Val, and mathew. :3