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Lord T Hawkeye
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Remember, change your bookmarks to as I won't be posting any more pages here. See you there!
Just a reminder: This page will stop being updated at the end of this month. Be sure to update your links to my DA page where the comic will be continued henceforth.
@pensuka: It's not over yet, it's just moving to my DA page. There's still a LONG way to go.
@magnar1234: It's not done, just moving.
Wise words.

I have moved the comic to my DA page at and will continue to post it there hereafter.
This is the last month I will be uploading to this site so make sure to edit your links.
@Guest: The comic as a whole or just this particular fight?
The comic: Quite a long time, I already know how it ends so I got it all worked out.
This scene: Not long.
Who's gonna come out on top?
Sticky bombs: Just a really bad idea.
Devalix is still new to the biz, can she handle herself?
Don't mess with the plushie.
Scratch one killer robot.
@Catgirl: Eh? I've been posting four pages a month just like always. Think you might have missed some.
Come on Plush Wolf, you gonna take that from him?
Now what would give you an idea like that Dolly?
Well they're capable of opening a door so far.
What is this strange new place? We'll find out I guess.
But to where? That is the question.
Everyone else got a transformation sequence, it's only fair.
It's surely a trap, but our heroes won't be deterred.
@Heliotroph: Hey, you can start illegal wars that kill millions and not only get away with it, get rewarded with a gold plated pension for it.