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Hi! My name is Andrew Johnson! All my friends say i'm a really good guy and i'm sure you'd like me!
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MayckelTheBlade, I have been playing games for a long time also. But not ten years. Maybe times have changed for gamers, and girls used to be rare but now are not.

sabbo(e)ros, what games do you play, I would much like to play a game free of girls.
Spike116, I have mentioned a couple of games I like in the comic's news.

sabbo(e)ros, I have never seen any survey of the world saying who plays most so I do not know, but it does not matter who plays games the most it matters that girls are sometimes (but not all the time) snobs up about it like in the comic.
This isn't real, its just what I really wish would happen.

I was playing Animal Crossing online the other day and something kinda like this happened but not quiet. I will be putting comics on about it soon i'm drawing them now!
I am strong!
This isn't what really happened, but what really happened was hard to draw and I don't quite remember it. But this is a COMIC, okay, it doesn't always have to be real.

I love getting the chance to show Girl Gamers than Boy Gamers aren't all n00bs and can actually fight. It feels good to do it.
At last
I get away from the nasty girl gamers... but what's that? Why are they screaming?
(Again, this is not a real story, not many games let you scream unless you're dying or something.)

Also, did you notice the ADMIN of the site is reading my comic? I feel so validated knowing that others are reading about my plight!
RE: MayckelTheBlade
No, you have not entered a reverse world. This is what it is really like being a guy gamer!
Makes me angry.
Its sad, really. Girl gamers think boy gamers must be delicate flowers who always need their hand held. But guess what girls? We're perfectly fine gamers in our own right! Grrr, it makes me mad sometimes.
This did not really happen, although it is based on something that did! This is just a chance to introduce myself to you all, and the problems I face as a man who plays videogames.