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Kickstarter is the better option for a reason, it'd be awesome if you would go that route =D
I have officially caught up =D
Holy crap Congrats!!!!!!!

Dang! You are an amazing artist, I just knew it was just a matter of time till you got contracted with a company!!!!
And Yen Press to boot! You are one of my greatest inspirations, I'll cheer for you as you climb and become a popular comic artist ^_^

I'll get to that point with due time as well so wait for me =3
What? This can't be the halfway mark, it feels as though the adventure was just getting started ;A;
As a fellow artist it would be really nice to know your process of creating pages. And the change is subtle but it has a better affect. I like it =3
Epic win... =w=
well it's more probable that he'll have a butterfree than a beedrill, but it'd be more fun to watch the latter...
beautifully drawn but I still can't knock off the feeling that they look 14 or something. O_o
XDDDDDD I find this hilarious... sorry... this scrawny kid is all over metis... *holding in laughter*
really? REALLY?! You went out to hunt baby snakes and let the village burn to the ground! wow... epic fail? Karma's a bi*** ain't it?
Girl: sadness... my pikachu... QwQ

Atty: 'nother tool to beat kahn with...
haha first! wonderful funny moment...
hehe awesome im first ^_^
sweet page... there will be blood... =3=
haha I'm first, and I can't wait to see Jess kick some major ass with western law XD
Is there really someone in the barrel or is that my imagination?
I have to admit that is a terrible SAT score... I got a 1210 w/o the writing ^_^
How did he get stabbed all the way through the back, through the sternum with a rapier...? I don't think that's possible considering how thin the sword is.
great pandora's box scene... Now instead of diseases we got monsters. Awesome.
Yay! Silda slayed the evil worm!!!
this solves the mystery of the brother complex that zeus and hades have...