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3D Modeling, and Game Design. I also enjoy art as shown here:
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    Varsaigen (no need to give my name)
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Oh god. There's only two things they can do.

1. Not attack
2. Kill it as quickly as possible.

We all know what's going to happen.
Looks like the "rat" barely got out alive.

Dragonthing's been killing stuff... I suspect she has a bad temperament now. Well, from what little we've seen of their species...
Woah indeed.... :o

... Wait just a minute... You aren't Brock!
Best of the three pages! Atticus taking control! It's so humorous to see their reactions to the questions she got.
Of course there was tampering! It's called a plot concept for a reason. :P
Now take your lizard, and RUN!

See, this is how Pokemon SHOULD have been. Realistic people, in realistic scenarios (guns, debating the rules), dealing with unrealisticly vast swarms of angry bugs.
Meh. He'll be like Sesshoumaru. Missing his left arm. Near the end of the comic, it'll grow back. :/
rofl Thad just gets better and better. XD I'm still laughing from his interpretation of the Butterfree. I love it. XD

Yeah, I, like others, forgot he had one arm only. I'm sure we'll find out how he lost it. Oddly enough, what comes to mind (for whatever twisted reason) is his arm being run over by a fully loaded semi-truck. :/ It doesn't even make sense.
Wait.... brother? Sister? No... that can't be right... Evil organizations split up family, to avoid sibling rivalry... right? or do they tag them together to avoid the confusion of "Tell [last name here] about this" so the orders don't get mixed up and the wrong teams are sent out...? Oo
We don't remember this from the Anime because they cut it from the Western broadcast.

The next episode gave him 30 tauros.
Of COURSE they are watching! It's like the Scientist who works for Team Rocket who calls someone whenever they get his name wrong! They know everything...
I agree, RazorD. Otherwise, they'd have never gotten to it, and we'd never know they were Team Rocket! :O
Argh! But can't they get through the great song before they tear into each other?
AHAHAHA! This is awesome! I wasn't actually expecting them to do their intro theme! XD
Curse them cigarettes. Revealing your hiding place since 1830 (actually, the Aztecs developed them)
Oh, I always knew Silver was a Girl and Vexx was a Guy. It's obvious in their designs and mannerisms. Perhaps even their diologue! I'm as baffled as you as to HOW anyone could get it wrong!
Yeah, it's common enough to hear it. I've heard it plenty of times. :/

Atticus has great advice. You don't run towards the talk of murder. But how else are we to introduce the two criminal antagonists who witnessed Atticus "murder" the poor bug?
wasn't logged in. :c
The Fairy holds the key..... :P
Atticus is known for breaking the game. So why should he follow the path? XD
rofl It is for the best. I think we'd all snap from watching him fight four more. But eventually, he'll have to burn them with dragonthing's tail.

... One of these days... :c