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I make comics and doesn't afraid of anything.

Apparently the doctors tell me I'm insane, but what do a bunch of alien kangaroos with medical degrees know about the human psyche.
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Ok, I feel like I owe an explanation to anyone who still reads this and expects an update at some time, well gather round kiddies cause it's story time.

I started this comic thinking I'd play through SoulSilver again pointing out flaws and making silly jokes every now and then regarding certain aspects which I find silly. What I didn't expect was for the comic to actually get fans, so I decided to try and expand it into a story based adventure yet still retain the humorous nature, but that plan went tits up. The same jokes are getting repeated and I'm actually having to push myself to try and do any more work with it.

The fact is, I want to continue making this comic, I have a lot of ideas on how to proceed, but when you actually have to physically motivate yourself to do that, you know you're doing something wrong.

I don't want to end the comic here, cause there's a slight chance I may come back to this, but for the foreseeable future I don't think I will be.

Plus, I've gotten into drawing and have tons of simple gag comics I can make with that. So if you really want to keep an eye of the stuff i'm making you can fav this comic here. It's based on simple observations I make in real life but with a bit of humor in there as well. Definitely the kind of comic I enjoy making.

I'm also changing account, just a minor note. I reckon ShadowEmerl's done it's dash, and i'm using the tag "TheUntiled1" more and more now.

I'm not ending this comic, think of it as a undefined hiatus. So until that hiatus is over...

peace out homos.
First "Perplexing Magnolia Disruption"
now "Platonic Management Dilemma"

These are sounding like "Big Bang Theory" episodes... Oh and they spell out PMD. Can't believe I just noticed that...
I think this episode was... all right.

They kinda already did the lesson with emo-pinkie last season, but they've done that with a few this season and it's nice seeing new ways of presenting them.

I'll admit all the references were clever and they worked well with the story, but I didn't exactly LOL at anything in particular this time and the whole WhoDunIt reveal could have been done a little better rather than solving it all in a minute. Seeing something like interrogations and such might've have helped, but being restricted to 20 minutes some things have to be missed.

My problem isn't what is there, but what isn't. They just could have done a bit more with it, not that it diminishes anything, it's still entertaining as always, just not one of the season's highlight episodes from my perspective.
It can be happy hugs time now plz?
Nice to see I'm not the only one who saw this.

Maybe he's called Healing Touch?

...I'm sorry, that was terrible. I'll go sit in the corner...
You kidding? You'd go mad within the hour...
I think this episode was more clever than funny. It did the whole "Try to prevent the future but end up creating it" thing pretty well. I didn't chuckle as much as I have like other past few episodes, but it was still entertaining as all hell.
If I may offer my opinion.

The fact that they removed the name, doesn't really bother me. I'm ok with that.

The voice on the other hand... is a no-go.

It's not bad or anything it's just, compared to the old voice, it's a bit contrasting.

Listening to the old one, she sounds a little bit depressed about screwing up everything up. I mean just listen to "Oops, my bad" lines and you'll see.
1st one: Oops, sowwy. :(
2nd one: Oops, i f**ked up, oh well. :3
She just seems oblivious to the fact that she's a little ditzy.

I'll just accept it and move on. No point moaning about when I already have the unedited cut.
@Diamors / @SkweeMan

Right, give me back my script. I know you have it, just hand them over.
1 week back into college and my head is already full of fuck. Bleck. On the upside I get 2 days off every week! So you'll probably see me getting back into this now. Expect a comic either Tuesday or Thursday. Both if you're lucky.

I totally ship DarkrinaxJae
That or SkweexEveryGirl
or WesxiDex
or Shadowx... never mind.

Shadow's iPod:

EDIT: Yes, the 4th wall is dead, no need to announce it all the time. It's a running gag.

And people wonder why Pinkie is my fav pony.
Monkey :D
Is it just me, or does it look like Ken's tail is flipping me off.
Somewhere out there, some die-hard fan is already writing the rest of the DD series.

That's right. 100 comics and I give you a fuck'n pun. Good lord I am the master of original humor, am i not? A-snort-snort.
Sprite comics, bah! What sort of freak willing acknowledges that they read those crappy things.


I'm offensive and I find that very kiwi.
Remember the whole me getting bored thing and making more comics, yeah lied. Guess i'm just trying to enjoy my break before I head back to college. Then I can focus on getting work done without constant free-time.

I may make another before I head back, but otherwise i'm just gonna enjoy the rest of my time off and worry about it later.

And this new guy? Totally not a main. He's just around for this chapter. Personally, I think he and Skwee are gonna get along "so" well.

And 100 comics. Suppose it should be something a bit more exciting but, mehh. I am the master of disappointment.

Shadow's iPod:
OCs, OCs everywhere.
Peace out bishes.
F is for friends, who do stuff togeth-*shot*