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Help me fold the laundry.
We are not folding the laundry.
We knew that Kane has a thing for Castalia in pretty dresses, but who knew that Castalia was into Kane wearing his mask? This couple is amazing.
Ah, the joys of presenting a present that they literally just gave you and watching their priceless reactions. I especially love when they say something along the lines of "Wow, where did you get something so special?" Well...
Awkward Position
Sometimes this is the hardest part of being in a relationship. It's healthy for people to try to make up for their mistakes, but it creates an inequity in the relationship. Sam has forfeited his right to complain that Lauren isn't being attentive enough. If he tries to say anything, he'll just look like a hypocritical asshole, especially given the context of the situation. Trying to move past mistakes is the right choice, but in the long run, some couples can never get back to the point where they're equal, and if you can't be equal with your partner, then the relationship is already over.
Lio's Influence
I love that Itzak runs with Lio's signature pinky curl when he's up to no good!~
Circe's type
It's only fair that all the Papadopulos siblings find someone... the pirate way! (Also: good to see that Circe's fondness for Castalia extends to siblings as well!)
Cain has a weakness for pretty blondes
Solas Spoilers?
@zenat: I'm confused by that comment, "look that way." I always chose the snarky comments, so I never got that response. Does it refer to the Dalish Tattoos?
March 26th, 2013
It's understandable
He did leave you to die as a kid and then proceeded to sexually harass you as an adult.
December 19th, 2012
So THAT'S what happened
I was wondering what the deal with the burns on his arms was.
I thought so too!
@RedJac: The look on his face is so content. Almost tender, but not quite.
October 5th, 2012
This man is....
A cross-dressing, over-flirtatious, greedy, stalkerish buffoon, but not a murderer.
Shirt is always greener...
Bout time Weegi got some fans! Although I'm a little surprised. You'd think octoroks would learn to hate the color green!
It's an IOU. For all the money Harold owes Wallis. That Wallis made just for him. SO HE COULD NEVER FORGET
Dammit Harold, stop being so SENSITIVE. It's giving me FEELINGS
Fine. Unresolved sexual tension it is, then.
Dude- dude- dude- you can totally still save face here. If you carry him back to town now, he MIGHT forgive you for LEAVING HIM TO DIE back in the cave.

Ooooooor he won't and you'll end up with unresolved sexual tension years later. Either way.
How does it baby?
I think the moral of all of these stories is that Monarchy is dead because all of the royalty turned gay and no one could make heirs to the throne anymore.
Yes, No, Maybe so
The faces. ALL MY LOVE.
It's funny cause she used to be a maaaaan
Hahaha, I wish I could remember how this played out when Assistant was a boy!