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I love.
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comment and a question :]
I've never been a very goal-oriented person. And I've always been very indecisive, and people say I'm too nice or naive for my own good. I never attended school past high school because I didn't want to waste money. Then things kind've started just falling into my lap. I think I've been very fortunate, considering. I like to think that I work hard to keep up my quality of living, but every now and then i get that same feeling of stagnant living. Like I should make myself a goal and try everything I can to do it, then I feel like I'm too old now to do it (I'm only 24!).

Were there ever any times when you felt you needed to change something about yourself in order to go further in life? barring sexuality, of course, more like personality or habit-wise. I used to lie a lot because I had very few friends until high school, it felt like a long time to be lonely, and when I had people I cared about I wanted to do anything to keep them close. I used to tell stories to make myself seem more interesting. Eventually I realized how outdated this technique was, and actually found it was having the opposite effect. It took me years, and there are even some memories that I don't know if I made them up or if they really happened.
I've always wondered what was so important about being in relationships. Up until high school I'd considered myself asexual, but as I got older and learned more terms and information, I realized it wasn't the case.

It's funny to think of yourself as one thing, and then find out more information and go "oh.. I guess not, then." and then the search continues!

for the record, I'm pansexual, but I still have that incredibly low sex-drive which led me to believe I was asexual.
hahaha, I know people like this, too. Thankfully none of them are my relatives!

Although I lived with a few people like this - I hope she doesn't barge in through closed doors like some of my past housemates have! haha
the best part about this page is that if you click next, it's almost like you're reading a new page. continuous loop!
>Perform a dissection on the Wicked One.
>investigate yellow things on the table
>check pockets
November 28th, 2011
it's our pleasure to bring you (FINALLY!) another -


Believe me, I'm just as excited about it as you are!
November 28th, 2011
I don't remember there being so much tall grass around here!
September 4th, 2011
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh.
September 4th, 2011
Poor chicky
Hey guys! After this page, things in the comic are going to be picking up, although as Evi said we'll be updated very very slowly for the next little while ):

I'm also working on a little surprise for you. Here's a hint:
Have you ever wanted your very own little Chicky?
You can kind of tell we've been waiting to get to these pages lol. The updates are going pretty quick. We're still just updating when we've got something to update, though :]
the tension! D:
:D I hope you guys like this page. I did a preliminary sketch for the page a while ago, if you guys wanna see it, it's here:

obviously there were a few changes before this design. The bookcases are a lot more chaotic now O:

I like this page a lot :)
I'm loving this! : D
Hey guys : D

I'm equally sorry about the lack of updates in the past two months, but Evi and I have been talking when we can and figuring things out.

There's already someconcept work done for the next couple pages, so like what Evi said. Next pages shouldn't take too long!
I know I always do the same thing Evi does, I remember working on a project at school and my friend was all "man, you look super pissed" and I was all "wut?"

I really like this page, so I hope you guys do, too!
Thanks so much for all of your comments, I think a lot of you guys are really catching on to the mysterious stuff happening around here :D

and just because there were two comments about it, the 'one years ago' line should be broken up as 'the one' as in the one accident, and then the 'years ago'. Sorry if it was grammatically confusing, we try really hard to get the speech juuuust right.

Thanks again all of you! And another thank you to all of the people who have added this comic to their favourites recently, 1,250! that's amazing!
February 14th, 2011
Man, you guys give the best comments :3 thanks to you all! and I'm sorry I haven't been posting up too much in the way of comments myself.

That little book has quite the large personality, doesn't he :D