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oh Heeeeeeey thuuuuuur
I'm just here freeing up some space on my favorites bar,
but who knows,
maybe one day i'll get off my lazy arse
and make a comic or something
for the general entertainment of others
.....thats if i learn to do something,
and if i start to spontaniously care for others
Awkward turtle hoy! :s
this is a win
I agree with the shirt thing
that happened to me yesterday, i felt betrayed.
Pfft HAHA and i thought she was gonna do something to HIM! XD boy was i wrong
O_O no lady why are you standing up?! DON"T HURT HIM! I LIKE HIM D: STOP NO TOUCHY!!!! -shakes computer screen- WHATS SHE GONNA DO!? lol I'm zen i swear.

i have spent the last 15 minutes staring at your pic
XD it makes me laugh
January 14th, 2011
Ebony stop being so understanding and calm D:
your breaking my heart </3
get angry and stand your ground just once v.v
i have to agree this is mega sad
Deff Felix, Blue makes me want to punt small children, and Rover....well haven't read enough about Rover yet to really make a judgement
You know how on sitcoms anything sexual happens or is said and the audiance does that WOOOOOOOOOO thing really loud all at once.......thats all that just ran through my head
My friend and i were just talking about this comic yesterday, we miss it, as well as gaara and sabe you were wonderful writers and we love your comic
I believe that answers your question jacob
HEY! pictionary is a hard game! when the stick figures don't draw themselves you end up taking a really long time!
i remember that :D you drew it at my house yesterday and jacob had a happiness overload and blew up
my school never had a way to the roof D: just random tiny strange doors on the side three floors up that if you walked out of you'd drop to the ground (((No stairs or ladders just random doors ;P))) school rooftop would be nice noh?

(((edit))) Oh hey i got first for once :P exciting day for me yippee!
Hahaha! oh man i love your comic so much, knowing that i wasn't the only one to make all these jokes playing it makes me feel better too :D can't wait for this to get to the water temple, if it does anyway, Whoever made that place needs to be pushed down a flight of stairs. TWO THUMBS UP FOR AWESOME COMIC! d^-^b
I'm the opposite i was determined to kill every last one of those bastards the first time i saw one and it hit me
So many fights with the tv because i wouldn't listen to navi, ah those were good times.....annoying times.....but still good -Not crazy at all-
me- SCREW YOU! -goes in opposite direction-
Not gonna lie
No really not gonna lie, half way through reading the page it made that sound, totally just pissed myself, quite room, dark night, all alone then MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOWW! and when all thats around is dogs you start to piss yourself more, all in all Pretty cool!
I know how he feels somedays