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Caleb: I'm six foot ten,have flowing golden locks like fabio, and I like long walks on the beach....

Scott: I think Caleb's a retard.
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I'm sure they're all very legitimate exercises, but it was seriously freaking me out.
Author's Note.
Ya know. Because he's blind.
Author's Note
So this is yet another true story. After a party at "The Dick Dome" (Dan's house) we woke up the next morning to this exclaimation from Dan's room, as he comes bolting naked past the occupied bathroom we all knew where it was going, and tried to warn him that it was no longer night time, so peeing outside was no longer socially acceptable, but before we could stop him he was already standing in the buff, door open, for the world to see. I could not have made it more hilarious if I tried.
Authour's Note
The return of one of the world's Mightiest Heroes! The Abbreviator!!! Seriously, read it in Schwarzennegger's voice.

Also, hit previous! Comic updated twice this week to make up for the lack of update last week. I got busy caught up with a fundraiser I was doing. I rappelled down a sevnteen story building with my friend dressed as Batman and Robin to help disabled childrens! Pretty nifty, eh?

Pictures and videos of the event will eventually be uploaded here:
October 6th, 2012
Authour's Note
This is a conversation that actually transpired.
Author`s Note
Josh cosplayed Red for Anime North one year. Marc was going to cosplay Gary Oak and make his entire weekend hell. Shame he got cancer right before it happened. Cancer is bullshit.
September 11th, 2012
Author's Note
So, that's my girlfriend Kelly. True story this. Her response was surprisingly: "...... My God... You're right..."

For the record, I'm not really sexist, I'm just an asshole.
Author's Note.
Strangely, the first time I ever saw Corey, he had been set on fire.... I shit you not.
@NekoKira: A sound method indeed.
Also, comic updated early because I forgot to set the update time. Assuming anyone's checking this without me telling them to that is.
Author's Note
And thus concludes the first adventure of The "Bat" Man.
August 19th, 2012
Yeah, well, you face!

Also, you know perfectly well that 90% of our fanbase are our friends, who:

1.Are too lazy to make accounts.
2.Too lazy to post if they did.
3.Only read the comic because they're waiting for a cameo, not realizing that if every one of our 150ish comics were just introducing character, after character, after character, it'd be a really shitty comic.
4.Don't love us.

The other 10% probably left during our 4 year hiatus.
August 13th, 2012
Author's Note
Part 3/4. The true evil plaguing the WHY? Home...
August 12th, 2012
That there is officially without doubt THE best comment ever posted on this comic. I am laughing so hard right now.
August 11th, 2012
Author's Note
And so a new horror threatens our fair city...
August 10th, 2012
Author's Note
So after like four years away, we're finally back. I know I've said it a billion times before, but totally for reals this time. With better art, more retardation, and even derpier faces than ever before! We are returned! We shall call this day Easter, and stuff our children full of candy to celebrate! For it is the prophesized return of G-Zus!

So, welcome back to those who stuck around, welcome in general to those who are just tuning in. WHY? Because we felt like it.
This Sunday... The return of WHY? Who is this mysterious "Bat" Man... And what is his purpose? And why does he look so damned handsome? Seriously... That man is like sex in a "Bat" suit...
So, the mountain of comics are inked. I just have to clean them up, and get a few coloured now. Might not be up for August first, as I'm moving, so I'm gonna be a bit tied up doing that, but some time through August is likely for the grand return.
Of course! You get free updates of WHY? Every week when we get back, for the low low price of your immortal soul!

Also, comics are detailed, gonna ink em tomorrow, scan em wednesday, and get to work colouring them asap after that. It's totally really happening.
So It Shall Be...
Holy shit, someone who's not one of my real life friends is actually still around?

And yes, I was just playing around with the idea when I drew this up, but I've got story boards drawn up for enough comics to take us to Christmas.

I can't say for sure exactly when it will be officially starting again, as I want to actually get a good deal of them turned into actual comics before we even start, as we know how bad of a procrastinator I am. But, it should be soon. If not this month, then August for sure.

And I think it's been like four years. lol.