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Jim Nickabocker
I love voice acting, video games and sketching. As of September 2015 I have entered the corporate world.... and it feels really nice!

Writing has recently been a huge passion of mine which has resulted in the resurrection of my current comic Roll To Save. I love making people smile and laugh. Peace and love forever, baby! <3

"A Laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it's the only weapon we have."
- Roger Rabbit
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    Giancarlo Danubio
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A Great Big World - Land of Opporunity

I think it's safe to say that this song is pretty much the main inspiration for this arc. I never even heard of this song until a little over a year ago when I was getting tacos, it was playing in the background while I was waiting for deliciousness. The song PERFECTLY sums up the relationship between John and Heather.

"You said 'hello', I loved you so, just like in a movie scene.
I want you to know, I had to let go, I'm falling in love again."

"I wasted my time, I missed all the signs, and it ruined my holiday.
I want you to know, I had to let go, I'm falling in love again"

Addison was right, it's hard getting over someone you've given your heart and soul too. You'll always care about them on some level. However, that doesn't mean you can't move on and finally put things to rest. This competition, this song, this performance is John's way of saying; "Enough is enough. I can't do this anymore, it's over."
@sethtriggs: Thank you so much! I thought having a nice little holiday one shot would be nice X3
@Xero: Ooo! Now that I didn't know! That's awesome!
@Xero: I was always partial to the jumpsuits. Plus I think the only characters from XGB with unique outfits were Kylie and Eduardo. Was tempted to use Kylie's for Roxanne but I was worried it would look too different.
@ZSnazzy: Aw don't worry, we may dive back into this fanfic world again! And I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that Heather will definitely appear as a foil in her fanfic, just like Walter Peck (The EPA guy)!
@makogun2000: You were peretty close Makogun! I may as well say who they're dressed as now in case I forget later XD

The two are dressed as Megaman and Tron Bonne from the PS1 game; Megaman Legends!
Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters
As you can probably guess, Ghostbusters is a favorite franchise of John and Iris. It's one of the themes John used to help Iris be more herself out in public, so it's something special for both of them. I was also fascinated with the idea of Iris writing self-insert fan fiction because she's the most adorable nerd in the world! Can you guess what John and Iris are dressed as at the end?

This little one shot is something me and Tailsteak will be doing for special holidays and events every so often. It'll either be a one shot, cannon comic like this or a special splash page featuring multiple characters. Either way, we hop you've enjoyed it and we hope you stay tuned as the plot thickens for The Ex arc! Happy Halloween!
@Lady Madelin: I'm so glad you love Iris, after all I love writing for her! And believe me, I'm pretty sure quite a few of us would be top dollar to see Iris straighten out Heather in the squared circle!
@sethtriggs: Yea, if anything that's pretty much the only redeeming thing about her now. She doesn't hide who she is. For better or for worse. But at least Iris is ready to rough her up if she does any more of her emotional toying. Iris is ready to rumble!
@reynard61: Good eye! Thought it would be neat to include them in a small cameo. Their comic rocks!
Tracy Bonham - Devil's Got Your Boyfriend

This song reflects the unfortunate state of John's relationship fairly well. (Albeit switching boyfriend with girlfriend). It also happens to be the theme song to the podcast "Dirty John" which is incredibly interesting and very important. It looks like John indeed decided to go through with the Battle of The Bands and if you hadn't guessed, Iris is VERY protective of John.
@ElizaJane: Thank you so for asking and welcome! You'll wanna start with Humble Beginnings, it'll go in order from there!
@Lady Madelin: Unfortunately in the real world, there are people who act just like Heather who rarely if at all, face any consequences.
That being said, this ain't the real world! It's RTS baby!
@Gildedtongue: Perfectly put Gildy <3
@Gryph: John appreciates any and all hugs!
@sethtriggs: I totally agree, was kinda hard writing this arc. However everything will be clear and explained soon! Poor John won't be sad forever rest assured!
Love Hurts
by Nazareth

Those are the dangers of love unfortunately, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. In John's case, it kinda of blew up in a cacophony of hurt feelings and a broken heart that never really fully healed. John wants to move on from this but the incident left him without his (at the time) best friends and the love of his life. It sent him plunging into a depression that lasted nearly three years. So yea, needless to say; love certainly hurts. Will John be able to go through with The Battle of The Bands contest? Stay tuned to find out!
@ZSnazzy: I can't approve of this comment enough XD
Welcome To The Band
You might remember the Breman Avenue Experience from RTS #60 in The Beach arc. They specialize in indie rock and other genres depending on their mood and gigs.

John's plan is to fight fire with marshmallows. Instead of trying to get back at Heather, he wants to take a song and sing his heart out, to show her that he in fact has the right stuff. However it looks like John is a bit conflicted over the whole thing. Not to worry though, Addison: Expert in cute outfits and Grade A listener is on the case armed with fruit punch!
@reynard61: I would say yes to Sigue Sigue Sputnik and the Sex Pistols but not so much the Hatecore. I'd replace that one with hardcore punk instead.