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Jim Nickabocker
I love voice acting, video games and sketching. As of September 2015 I have entered the corporate world.... and it feels really nice!

Writing has recently been a huge passion of mine which has resulted in the resurrection of my current comic Roll To Save. I love making people smile and laugh. Peace and love forever, baby! <3

"A Laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it's the only weapon we have."
- Roger Rabbit
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    Giancarlo Danubio
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@Fred: Ah yes, rule 34. One way or another, you just can't escape it XD
John Paul Young - Love Is In The Air

Didn't think we forgot about these folks, did you? Thankfully it looks like it's smooth sailing from here for our three intrepid protesters. I reiterate though, that this isn't always the turn out for these kinds of circumstances so please, please, PLEASE; protest responsibly!

I love having Max and Jo interact. They respect each other but they also tend to egg each other on on the regular. I also decided to toss in a few swears here and there, more so than before. They won't be running rampant but I figured it was a sign of things maturing a little bit. Plus, the Goofy discussion in the last part is based on a real conversation with friends. Swears were had. XD

As always Max and Jane are from Tailsteak's concluded comic Leftover Soup. Major thanks to him for permission!
Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You

Well what do you know? It finally happened! These two are gonna alright. Though one has to wonder, how's everyone else going to take the news?
@ValdVin: That is a definite nod to Steven Universe. X3
@Johan Broad: You nailed it right on the head! Don't worry, we're gonna see this through!
@RazorD9: Ya know, I'd say it's a little of Column A and a little of Column B...
@Gildedtongue: Sebastian knows a bear or two but yes, definitively not anyone he knows XD

You're absolutely right there. Sebastian kind of doesn't want to get in the way while John and Iris would wish he'd stay. (Hah! I rhymed..)

We'll have to stay tuned to see what happens in their friendships!

....Ahem...if they do survive this.. XD
@ValdVin: We're very happy to have you! Folks from Leftover Soup tend to pop in occasionally! I thought it'd be nice to see some of our old friends from time to time!
The Beatles - Come Together


As many of you have pointed out in the last update, sexy fun times are always good but it tends to be better when you're sober. This is a more than fair point. In this case however, it was less about doing things anyone regrets and more about inhibitions getting relaxed. John, Iris and Sebastian really care for and trust each other implicitly. They didn't do anything they never wanted to do, they sort of slipped into doing something that's been boiling over for quite a while.

It also goes to show that it's important to learn from the past. Thanks to the bit of misunderstanding that happened in "The Incident" arc, they're more eager to talk things out opposed to running away and letting things get super awkward. Obviously in the real world things don't get resolved and tidied up this quickly or easily but those three have a pretty unique and tight relationship with each other.

...Also it's very important to make sure to check your camping grounds for signs of bear activity..
@Stigmartyr762: Bold prediction! Only time will tell!
@Lysander: Ya know, I wouldn't be surprised. Especially since the exact same thing happened with Simon in regards to Wallace and Jamie... XD
@Awfulhorrid: I absolutely agree. Sober sex tends to be the best kind. Though in this instance I think it helped open the flood gates on a few feelings for all three. I'm also loving how the last panel came out too <3
@Merrsharr: Hey, safety first! They'll also get explained next update X3
@sethtriggs: Oh yea, sober is definitely preferable. I'd like to think that the alcohol was a bit of a nudge towards some...underlying feelings. Also don't worry, the one thing John and Iris learned from past events is communication!
@ZSnazzy: One way or another, they did!
@Gildedtongue: This is very true! Though I think they’ll be fine ;3
@Skivon: Totally agreed! Though if it helps, I assure you no regrets are going to be had. =3