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Jim Nickabocker
I love voice acting, video games and sketching. As of September 2015 I have entered the corporate world.... and it feels really nice!

Writing has recently been a huge passion of mine which has resulted in the resurrection of my current comic Roll To Save. I love making people smile and laugh. Peace and love forever, baby! <3

"A Laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it's the only weapon we have."
- Roger Rabbit
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    Giancarlo Danubio
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The Boston Pops - Colonel Bogey March

Needless to say John is a lightweight, he's never been able to hold his liquor. Get one or two in'em and he becomes QUITE unfiltered.
@sethtriggs: I'm happy you like it! I'm kinda excited about this arc X3
@Stephen: I agree, it certainly can't hurt to reintroduce civics classes or in fact any classes that could help reinforce what to expect in the real world.

As fictional as RTS is, I like being able to introduce flaws in the world to help make it more relatable. In this case it's the legal system. Though I wouldn't worry about those three. Jo's one of the best lawyers in town and if anyone's got a chance to turn things around, it's him!

(Also, the song you linked isn't typically my style of music but I actually liked it! Nice selection!)
Jack Elliott - Night Court Theme Song

It's important to be mindful when you go out to advocate for anything. Peaceful protests tend to be generally accepted, however when you disrupt the lives of bystanders... that's generally a problem. It looks like Max, Jane and Roxanne got a little caught up in the moment. Also John and nature? What could possible go wrong?

(Special thanks to Tailsteak for letting Max and Jane cameo for this story! They're both from his concluded comic Leftover Soup)
@Kev: YAY! I'm so happy you caught that! X3
@sethtriggs: Tailsteak was totally responsible for the Phantom Eradicators shirt and I love him to bits for it XD

You'll actually get a proper explanation in the next update! =3
@Gildedtongue: Yyyyea, you're not wrong. Actually in the original concept for the comic, she was pretty much a frequenter of the local jail. We reworked her so she had a much more stable life while still sticking it to the man.

Also....mmmmaaaaaaaaybe.. XD
@Hogan: This is very true... XD
The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You

Zoey, Addison and Charmini have started to hang out more, forming a small group of sorts. They periodically go out to eat and shop together while discussing their latest interests. Shows, music, plushies. Well, the plushies are more Charmini's interest. She's a big collector. Though one has to wonder what exactly Max, Roxanne and Jane did to warrant an arrest that morning...
@Anton Sherwood: That's my bad. I'm from a Hispanic family but since I grew up in the states, I sometimes forget or miss things like that.
Jose Feliciano - Here, There And Everywhere

I'd like to think Shin plays something along the lines of the song linked above. A nice, relaxing acoustic cover of a Beatles song to indicate that he's very much mellowed out after his experiences with Mercy's Fist. He also figures it will be nice to play for a quiet crowd of bar patrons minding their own business opposed to thousands of screaming fans screaming at the top of their lungs. Plus, he gets to work for that hot bar owner that yelled at him before!
The Beatles - All Together Now

It looks like the gang is going to be alright. The Three Amigos ride again! Also it looks like Addison has developed an affinity for seafaring!
Queen - Seven Seas of Rhye

Looks like things are off to a pretty good start for the gang! Board games and alcohol can be pretty fun! ...As long as you avoid Monopoly that is. I really like that we've gotten to a point where John and Iris can look back and smile about a once serious situation. I think those two are going to be alright.
Oh good grief, wouldn't you know it? I went ahead and uploaded the wrong page at the wrong time! Good grief! THIS is the correct page to come out. I'm so sorry for any confusion! X.x

What better way to get together and get to know each other than on a friend's inexplicable and expensive yacht? Also you know it's going to be a good time when Addison's around!
Randy Newman - If I Didn't Have You

Zoey Tucker has joined John's party! I have to be honest, I've been DYING to get to this point. It's a chance to reveal even more about Zoey and John's relationship with each other. It also helps establish that both Zoey and Shin are trying to start fresh, wanting to rekindle the friendship they lost in a pretty bad way. But will John's current friends be as accepting just as quick? Find out next time!

Also John and Zoey are total Whovians.
@Gildedtongue: Zoey made a LOT of money with her band mates. Needless to say, she went out of her way to get that plate number!

Aw and I wouldn't worry, Zoey's a tough cookie. Though admittedly, it IS a bit of a pain sleeping in a car, especially if it's a 1982 two-door Pontiac Trans Am XD
@ZSnazzy: Hah! I never saw that before! I guess her hair style and sunglasses kinda give that vibe huh? I like it! XD
Queen - You're My Best Friend

Huge thanks to Tailsteak for allowing a small cameo from Cheryl. Who by the way is from his completed comic Leftover Soup. In case you forgot, she acts as a consultant for Skyline Mall's security department every now and then. Needless to say, things quickly fell apart after John finally put his foot down. John's just super excited about having his old friends back in his life again. With any luck, The Three Amigos will indeed ride again!

In case you're wondering, yup. That's totally a replica of a certain 80's TV car that helped a certain action hero heartthrob out of numerous jams. Zoey wasn't always fiscally responsible when she was a rock star.
@Stephen: Huh... I may actually take that song into consideration! XD
@BarGamer: John is actually referring to the IDW comic book series Ghostbusters 101. There it connects the various other comics, video games and even the 2016 movie together. It apparently all started when the original four crossed the streams in the first movie. It's an absolutely fun read and I highly recommend it if you don't mind the 2016 busters!