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I love voice acting, video games and sketching. As of September 2015 I have entered the corporate world.... and it feels really nice!

Writing has recently been a huge passion of mine which has resulted in the resurrection of my current comic Roll To Save. I love making people smile and laugh. Peace and love forever, baby! <3

"A Laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it's the only weapon we have."
- Roger Rabbit
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@Pyre Light: Ahh, I was under the impression that Luis (being Irene's Landlord) had final word on her staying since he owned the property. For story's sake I thought it was a good dramatic turn for a typically happy-go-lucky comic.

Needless to say, you wouldn't want me as your lawyer though XD
An Unhappy Father's Day
Roll To Save as a whole, is meant to be an optimistic and happy comic. Ever since the first draft, I've never steered far from that idea. As the comic became more story and character focused, I realized that I wanted to show optimism against adversity. Or as I often say; fighting fire with marshmallows. There's no doubt that there's badness in the world, in many, many forms. I don't think my comic should be an exception to that fact. Bad things happen to good people, sometimes unexpectedly. I thought it was important to establish that not everything is perfect in John's world, despite his attitude and outlook on life.

Luis has been disconnected from his family for a long time. He's also a bit of a selfish individual who thinks he can pretty much do no wrong. It's important to note that he's doing what he thinks is best for his family, he meant well. He just didn't think about the repercussions of his actions. The icing on the proverbial cake of coarse is going through with the sale despite his family's objections. What a dickweed!

Fun Fact: The term 'Rata de dos patas' was also a song my grandma would sing frequently. In case your interested, check it out here (with translated lyrics!):

Next update is the last in the 'Father' series. It consists of a rather big change in character dynamics for RTS. What is it? Stay tuned and find out!
@alexob6: I totally agree! It's a relationship dynamic I love writing for cause you don't see it too often. John and Iris are not only best friends, they impact each others lives in rather deep ways. In fact you'll see that in play very soon!
Love makes us do some rather crazy things. For Irene, she ended up leaving her home country to follow an entertainer she had madly fallen in love with. However, when things fell through and it was evident that her would-be husband was more interested in music than raising a family, Irene quickly put her foot down. She wanted to raise John properly. Luis was nice enough to help Irene with leasing a house as he continued with his travels, and Irene was left with an entire two story building to both care for her son and make a modest living. The basement even provided John a chance to sort of live on his own. Irene considered Luis many things, among them selfish, inconsiderate, brash, etc. But she never thought she would have to worry about reading the fine print to their lease.

Always read the fine print.
@alexob6: Haha Jiris, I love it! Their fates are long from decided but I actually appreciate the surprising number of shippers for these two! Thank you for the comment! X3
@sethtriggs: I'm glad you like this page! I totally agree, Irene is totes adorbs!

When writing for Irene, I wanted to show that she was open-minded and nurturing. John is the way he is because Irene did her best to raise him right while trying to be as accepting and understanding as possible. The result is the lovable goofball in our comic!

Irene is also quite the John/Iris shipper. As happy as she would be if John chose anyone, she'd be pretty giddy if it was Iris. Her fondness for the wrestler comes into play later in this arc!
A Dad Appears!
Sorry for the late update! I just spent five days visiting friends in Connecticut and I had lost all track of time!

Irene and John's living situation has never been fully explained in the comic and sadly, I don't think it will. But just in case you were wondering;
The house they live in is a two story home with a basement. Irene lives on the top floor, the ground floor serves as the flower shop and the basement is where John resides.

Originally I had dozens of one shots that offered chances to see the house from various locations inside, however when Tailsteak joined RTS, I ended up wanting less one shots and more meaningful story arcs. Couple that with our updates being once every two weeks and well, I wanted to deliver quality over quantity. As a result, the one shots were dropped.

In this new arc we learn a little more about John's family and what happened between Irene and her ex husband Luis.
@22xander: First of all; thank you so much for wanting to read this comic! I know Roll To Save is quite different from Leftover Soup as far as story and characters but I hope you're enjoying it nonetheless!

Incidentally, I've purposely made the location of RTS ambiguous. I dunno if any characters from LS will ever appear but I wanna leave that door open should it ever be possible X3
@sethtriggs: I'm glad you like it! (I'm a sucker for the cuddly bits too XD) It was important for me to show that they not only hang out with each other but are very much comfortable with each other as well because...well...plot stuff XD
All Good Things...
This one shot is a tribute to our artist's webcomic Leftover Soup. You can find it here:

The comic has had a whopping 1,000 strips with a few epilogue pictures that are being made periodically. I strongly recommend checking it out!
New story arc coming up next update!
The Day is Saved?
In case you were wondering, Jeanoic got himself stuck on a tree branch because John rolled a 1 on a strength check. Climbing a tree to get a better vantage point isn't always a good idea it seems. As far as the sudden turn of events regarding the half-orc brothers....well.... A Dungeon Master is kinda like a genie. You CAN get you what you want but don't be surprised if there's a catch. Poor John found this out the hard way and is left with having to decide whether he wants to follow the orders of the organization he's worked with since the beginning of the campaign, or go against it and get branded a fugitive. I wonder how much he loves those half-orc brothers?

This of coarse concludes the mini D&D story arc for now but don't worry, we'll check back again! The next arc will be a bit more serious which also consists a major change for one of our characters. Who is it? What happens? Stay tuned and find out!
@DMC_Run: Haha yeaaaa, it was one of my first games and I was a little too excited. If I recall correctly, the party was ambushed by bandits and I happen to be off doing something else. Since I was playing a rare 'good hearted' rogue, I charged in, completely forgetting I had the ability to tip toe in and deliver a sneak attack.

...Admittedly I've never been the best D&D player. XD
Waylaid By Bounty Hunters
Oy, don't look at me like that! The last bit of the page is based on an actual incident that happened to me during a game. I was so eager to join the fight with the rest of my party, I completely forgot to sneak (I was a rogue at the time). Needless to say, I was squished harder than an overly ripe avocado.
It also seems like those half-orc boys are more trouble than Jeanoic realized!
@Raen: Yessum, this is officially the main cast. There'll be a few additional side characters but the story will mainly revolve around our main six.

Ooo sharp eye! There indeed used to be a sixth member. He popped in at the beginning of Kanra's series and at the beginning of Tailsteak's series. No dialogue, he was just sort of there. I had a whole thing written for him when I created the comic, but when the focus shifted from being joke-based to being more story-based... well... that character really didn't fit anymore. So he was quietly replaced by Iris.

There's a good chance we may refer to him at some point, to give an explination and some sort of closure. I feel kinda bad that I effectively created a stand-in character only to erase him from existence later XD
@Chronos: Good question! More of Irene's character is going to be explained very soon. in #24 Style Switch, Jo refers to her as Mrs. Brown and calls John her son, so it's safe to assume that Irene is John's mother.
The wedding they went to was for a faceless character named Melissa from John and Jo's past.
The Adventure begins
It's our first D&D Mini-Arc! Every once in a while we're going to delve into the group's ongoing campaign. This page is to give you some information on everyone's character as well as a description of the group's campaign. As you can probably tell, Sebastian is going to be featured as more of a regular character from here on out as well. We'll find out more about him later.

Will John's character Joenic regret his decision to free those half-orc quadruplets? Stay tuned and find out!
@Gamegrub: That's certainly a possibility. Especially because in the next page Jo explains why he decided to go through with his drunk promise to John.

Oooh! Good question! Dunno if I'm at liberty to say which yet though =P
@sethtriggs: Glad you like it! X3
@Sorcyress: [insert shifty eyes] <.< >.>
Actual D&D??
One of the reasons the main characters hang out with each other (as per the title of the comic) is of coarse, every Saturday they get together and play Dungeons and Dragons. I noticed that D&D itself was hardly mentioned at all, which is a little odd for a comic actually named "Roll To Save". So I've decided while we tackle other stories, we'll periodically be treated to small arcs that show the characters playing some good old fashion tabletop.

When I originally wrote the script for this arc, I wanted to include a small window at the bottom of each panel, displaying the various rolls each player does, sort of like in Baldur's Gate. After a while, I figured it might be too much so I opted to have it play out like a regular strip but with players dressed and looking like their respective characters.

Oh look! Four handsome, roguish and playful looking half-orc quadruplets. I wonder where we might have heard of them before...
For those of you who are avid readers of Tailsteak's Leftover Soup, you may recall a D&D game involving Ellen, Max, Gina, Nicole and DMed by Lily in where they bump into said quadruplets. (LS# 930) I thought it would be a neat reference. However, just because John requests some faithful NPC companions, doesn't mean it won't come at a price...