One day I'll make something cool.
@Glueckskeks: All roads lead to being fired ):
@Oly-RRR: Can't promise you a whole basket, and I can't promise it on the next page, but there may be some doge in the future.
I hadn't planned to update today, but somehow ended up working on this page anyway. Hence, updating two hours later than usual.

Back to Roy and Mr Blair, they're clearly having a grand old time!
May 19th, 2017
@Oly-RRR: She probably has a few more barred windows than the Blairs do... but yeah. She's probably someone with a garden. But she's trying to give other people a bit of that experience :3 A balcony is like a garden, right...? Just with more bird poo...?
I hope those pens/chalks are all different colours 8D
May 17th, 2017
A drawing of a reproduction of a drawing... that means I can blame perspective mistakes on the "original" artist, right? ;D

Sorry for the slight lateness in getting this up! My break ended up being quite busy and I didn't give myself as much time to do this break art as I hoped to. Dunnin won this time, so I thought I'd do something about some of the less glorified (at least in modern times) architecture of the city - the <s>council cake</s> tower block. This one's a bit more obtuse in its relevance to the story so far than the others, but hopefully not too much so.

No legible articles this time because architecture magazines are not exactly my thing.
May 14th, 2017
@Glueckskeks: Done! You can find it on Patreon now. I hope it's to your taste.
May 13th, 2017
@Glueckskeks: I thought about that! I decided against it because it felt really self-indulgent, since nothing particularly interesting is going on. If you'd like to see it as a wallpaper though, I could try making one out of it.
I am so, so sorry you had to draw so many faces. But it looks great!
Well, this comic's sure getting to the meat quickly! ...despite what the character may say.
That's the end of this chapter! So, I'll be taking next week off, and after that I'll post the chapter break art - it'll be something about Dunnin this time.

In the meantime, you can see the thumbnail for the first page of chapter 5 if you vote on TWC :D
April 28th, 2017
@Oly-RRR: Re: Tim mentioning pets, it's a bit of both! Pet victims are more common only because people tend to be more careful with the safety of their children than that of their pets ):

As for whether it's treatable - that'll come up in a later chapter 8]

And yess, the Blairs are FOR SCIENCE: The Family.
April 26th, 2017
@Glueckskeks: Bahahah <3 That's actually not too far off from what I had in mind for that ending, except mine had no glorious dialogue to go with it.

And yeeess, Blair Jr has learned from the mistakes of his predecessors.
April 26th, 2017
Alain and Tim casually dropping some worldbuilding about revenants, how kind of them.

I keep thinking I'm done with all the skow skellingtons but then another one shows up in the sketch :T This is the last one for the chapter though! I double-checked.
You can upload PNGs here too though?
But yeah, no vertical scroll here unless you do it as one image.
April 20th, 2017
@Jingle Belle: I'd say "no", but I'm not so sure Alain sees much of a difference between a date and "go risk your life while I sit back and play Flappy Bird."
April 19th, 2017
@Glueckskeks: Those eyelashes are what happens when I drift off while inking and forget to move on to the next thing that needs inking.
April 19th, 2017
Alain, can you not look like a villain when you offer people jobs? Maybe that's why Tim keeps saying no.
April 17th, 2017
@Stig Hemmer: Thank you!
Hopefully Roy doesn't make you feel embarrassed for being a Hemmer :]
April 12th, 2017
So many answers, all so useless.

The poll for the next chapter break image is still going on Patreon!