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I like.....boys....specifically boys liking boys.
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February 21st, 2019
Kinda reminds me of Howl's Moving Castle~
HOO may have nothing to hide but I wish you would anyway.
Unintentionally threatening
I utterly ADORE your Giovanni
May 3rd, 2016
No words can express how ecstatic I am that this comic is still ongoing~

Look at this precious group of boys. Nobody questions his lack of eyes or why he was alone. You just guide him!
First page done in the present!
This page is pretty old! Hopefully things will be a smidge cleaner from here on out.
I've always admired nuzlocke comics and have dreamt and doing one of my own. I wanted to do something unique though and original and thus chose a hack!

I should mention I have NOT finished the game yet and would appreciate it if you didn't spoil anything. If you have advice though, it'd be more than welcome. :]

I'll also be using this comic as practice and pages will be sporadic! Hopefully they will improve as I go!
March 28th, 2016
Who will have the honor of being Grey's seeing-eye dog~?
February 11th, 2016
Cook's not the only one shaking
(Also beautiful timing I just got a new tablet since my old one broke :') I'M ALL OVER THIS)
March 3rd, 2015
Cook looks so cute all dolled up! Your game sounds exciting, both of them. Best of luck!
There's a door there...
Sorry this took longer than intended, I was dealing with a lot of stuff...
February 28th, 2015
I can tell him and Grey are not going to get along well haha.
Ahh, I love him so much already, what a precious face.
I hope there's coffee in their new home, heh. Once getting over the horror of their situation.
(I'm a bit busy but I can try to have a page up sometime this week? :') Soon though. )
January 22nd, 2015
Ahhh Cook, I missed your cute face ;w;
@Scooter-harts-salty: Originally wasn't gonna be funny but I couldn't resist. :3c Also, is it? Grey's door?

@Oku37: Haha, hope you don't mind!
Is it too late to try sparking some life into this comic? I still love it and everyone in it. ;w;

I can do a page...confirming that the door in the last one is the room Grey is in?
I'M ACTUALLY SO GLAD YOU DREW THIS, when I saw the prompt I was so tempted to do it myself but seeing it MAKES ME SO GLAD

Perfect strong boys and their king heuhue
(You have such a cute style though and they're so fucking cute)
Sage's hair looks like it's made of cloud fluff. I want to draw him wearing cute clothes too ahhh
"Draw me like one of your kitty cats"
I LOVE HIM, but it looks like he stole all the height from his siblings :'D
I adore him so hard, he's perfect