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Hah this chapter ends on my birthday :D

Anyway glad to see you're updating again... Your comics are a big inspiration/motivation to me.
I love you toast.

Lol this is awesome I can't wait for more pages :D
They are the cool people.
Hehe My spelling is so bad right now >__>
Well now who is this?
March 21st, 2010
It even looks like his hair is combed to the side. Good work sunny.
Here we have the elegant chapter title page! Ok no I got lazy with this.
I'm actually curious to know how many people actually play hooky from school/work.

I'll fix that typo later @_@
Gosh these two don't seem to like each other to much
I'm pretty nervous about all this....
Feedback and criticism will be welcome for this comic so if you have any advice for me please tell me!
Well, Well, Well.
This is something that I've had planned for a long time. I hope some of you guys like it! First page(s) might be up sometime next week.
March 16th, 2010
FFFFF Why didn't you tell me about this!? D:<
But it looks like your done with it now.... D: