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Bella Mist
Likes to make comics. Likes every kind of pairings (bxb, gxg, bxg you know).Yeah. *nods*
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OMGEEE Can't wait for the next page *rapes next button*

And Hades looks so badass. In a nice way badass. <3333
awwwwh this picture about hadesss soo hott hnnnggg i love it

can't wait for next thursday!!!
sorry sorry guys, but I decided to go first! I'll do my pages ASAP, so if any of you wanted to go, then you can! sorry again! ^^"""
*jumps high*

The pages are utterly adorable and sweet, Kano. I really liked them! Especially .... well Izzie's crying face XD it was really a good scene!! I'm really proud of you, and... OKAY I'LL MAKE SOME PAGES!! I promise I'll finish them ASAP!! > <;;; sorry if anyone wanted to go sorry sorry sorry....
Sel, the next couple of pages are still Kai's. Only after that she says she's finished, can any other person come. Keep that in mind.
huhu I can't wait for the romantic scenes!

And hahaaa, Kai gets his punishment for hurting a lady! There you go, Kind Aqua!

*tries to throw a tomato, but decides to eat it*
KAIIII!! OAO What HAD you DONE?! QAQ My poor Izzie.........

nice page btw.

@Chika: WHAT?!!! DDDDDDDD:<<<<<<
Ki! \^o^/
I LOVE the way you colored the hair at the prev. page. * v * And if I can give a tip, this guy is blonde... *has a thing for blondes*
But anyway! Keep up the good work! d>o<b
@Aqua: I SERIOUSLY don't care any further. I told I wanted to do another page. I don't accept your apology. Case closed. Now KAI WILL COME.
I TOLD you guys that I was working on the new page. = . =;;;; Seems like nobody is listening, huh.
Good pages, meh. Anyone can come now. > >;
After so much months spent with nothing at this comic, I decided to upload something. Introducing my character, yeah. =vo The inking is ugly, cause it was done in Sai (but better if I'd done it in PS), the toning is ugly at the bg, cause I was tired at that parts.... So yeah. Expect min. one more page, and after that I'm willing to give the opportunity to any of the authors~

PS. I still love Isabella.
OMG Ki-kuuuuun~~ Soo cute omg <33 *hugs Ki tightly*~~
Ha-Ha-Hadess!!!! Don't do anything!! *holds Zeus back* Don't go there, little one!! OMG!! OAO
I saw this when you toned it!!~ I was kinda "WTH happened with Domina?... She's gone crazy, that girl." But aww can't wait to see more! And can't wait to get your book! *jumps around*
(And yeah i know who i am 8DD;;;)
OHMYGOD nooo *kicks stupid dad* Don't think you'll get away with eating anyone wrah!! *kicks more* Or doing anything to these lovely kids. *kicks more, throws books at him*
And... Zeus, you're adorable as ever. <3 *pets him and takes him away*
Hehe XD Algot is still as cute as he was meant to be. And OMG sparkling eyes... Nothing good will be coming right? 8D;;
OMG never mess up with a Poseidon-lover... *hits Zeus* *then pets him* But I still love ya, Zeus~ <3 Cutest jerk of all.
I remember to this girl!!!! ...from somewhere 8D Fair, i suppose her name was... And is that the stupid director or who speaking? *prepares butcherknife* and what is he planning to do with that poor girl? Candy, watch out! D:
The second, also the ending picture. ^^ Hope you found it pretty amusing. ^^~

Ki, you're so silly. XD;
So.... Here I am now! I'll post my character information later on... But now here's some fillerish pages from meh! Please keep in mind that this is my actual first try to tone manga pages, so it's not that good. ^^"