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Come join us! Starting a brand new story line with some new killers! Spots are open until Nov 30th!
hah it is, I only had it in quotes to separate my speech XD not like sarcasm or w/e XPP
I use "plaster" as well and I get made fun of for that =___=

I love your comic, keep up the great work I can't wait to see what happens. I really like the direction you took here, it's really interesting and new and also very realistic in a sense
awww this page came out awesome!!
and hooray for you making us live! -bow-
I have to finish my page o_o

and I just love those shades he's wearing XD totally needs a lollipop hanging out his mouth like a cig XDDD or a cig lol to complete the badass-ary
lol deff too badass for class :D though if he was really badass, he wouldn't ask permission XD;; or maybe he's sooo badass he's gunna rub it in their faces :D

great page!! -thumbs up- and lookit me go still on the wrong name. :P

Awesome job :3
-not on correct name :P -

I'm going back through and re-reading everything since I've been in and out an I apologize. I think a field trip for them would be delightful and your character is adorable :] and I like his hairpins 8D
Aww I really loved this comic, but it's ok, it happens sometimes, you have the guts to face it, I just run away like it didn't ever happen. Well, in whatever you produce I wish you luck and whatever you show, I'll be following -quite obviously- you've a unique style of art and storytelling and great plots/stories so - I'll always be reading 8DDD
W/B KIZZY! -waves-
glad to see an update from you :3
Nope I won't 8D and you'll see this soon enough with SxV XDDD;;;;; more pages of them coming up soon 8D
and the gay between the characters will be there, but see I'm going to make it subtle yet out there, there'll be more gay joking and stuff, but I wanted to be a little more open with relationships and make it so that the fans can pick who fits with who and have legit backup for any pairing XD; if that makes any sense? I like to let the audience in sometimes and make their own decisions :P ... again, if that makes sense
maybeeee~ if it involves a character named Morgue, then yes XD
Utopia time XP
Sin&Virtue : And the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

Ti: SNOZZBERRY? Who ever heard of a snozzberry?

suck D: I noticed some of the toning is off and messy cause I'm on my laptop (have been doing the last couple of pages on my laptop) Anyway - here's next page 8D the end is sorta a transition, you'll see.

Utopia and her evil to show up in the next part 8D -goes back to doodling-
Boring page D:

Other two pages will be uploaded tomorrow, hopefully more 8D just need to tweak my dialogue a bit for the next pages to make them flow nicely into eachother XPPP More Utopia coming 8D She's going to show up a bit more, I figured you need to see what the evil side is up to as well as the good :P Plus I like drawing and using Utopia, she's fun 8P and evilllll
It's in the megaupload file top banner of the page where it says "Old Comic" O_o; you put in the lil numbers/letters and it gets you the folder o_o but it's the entire old comic

I can't wait to get back to their life story, I'm going to make it much better and probably a little more depressing XD
next page wooo, little more explanation here than before on why they wear masks and all o_o;

ONTO WORKING ON THE NEXT PAGES -prances off to do so-
Yeah I had scribbles and didn't like it but makes sense, I'll deff do it in the future sorry sorry D:
@Crimson_Fire: lmao both of which show up in this chapter XD Boobs being another term for Utopia XD;

@Chibi-Animepenguin23: And nope! I'm back on it. I've been real upset I haven't been able to do anything so I've been doing a lot of it XD;