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Helo this is Lordvepar from DA ^^ also uploading my comics here now.
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Sorry for taking so long for the next page. The last three months of 2013 was simply a very busy and stressful time for me. But I am back continueing again ^^
Yep! I just posted a news about it on the front page :)
@JillyFoo: uh no. its just a character of mine. nothing to do with Oz. They dont claim apes lol :P
@Allhallowseve: haha I heard this with someone before XD must be the tea looking cup she is holding?
<h4>Sorry for taking a while on the next comic page , guys! D: My tablet pen had broken two weeks ago and so the updates had to pause till I had a new pen. I also needed time to get motivated again x3 but here is page 29!
@39-TheWolf: Nope. His name is Night :)
@Desaire: Thanks very much! means a lot :)
Warning for lion corpses/gore/disturbing images :)
SH cover
The official cover of SH :)

SH is an animal comic about lions and demons.
The pride of these lions are named Achidar, which means War Lion, theyre gladiator lions with an elemental superpower that they use against blackhearted demons, their enemy.

The main character of this story is the young lioness Red who gets in contact with a kindhearted demon named Night, Red will learn about the demon world.

p.s. This story is based on demonology facts!