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I like Yaoi, animals, furries, and cute things also really odd strong things...

My icon is of Nick from ToTS
The Icon is made by Tsubasa-Pixel at Deviantart!
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More pages? ;^;
I can't say enough.. I love that man.. and his tiger job or whatever.
I want that to be the background of my computer >^>
i love owls.. and that ones adorable >^> <^<
Mr Voodoo magic, plllleeeeassse be hot and funny.. like... asking Mr. Dog how he masturbates or something XD

Ps. Mr. Kitty is just tall don't feel Bad cool old man.
And Parakeet's eyes in the 3rd panel, lovely!
Beautiful man is Beautiful
aww good daddy

he looks so sad for his snack is not good lol i love it!
im american lol
aww hope school goes good
Spock is sexy
That is totally me, like half your comic are me and my sister.. but sadly we have no friends that can relate like ABSOLUTELY with us.

And that's called a SCI-FIVE!
Sexy teenage lovers
brokeback mountain hmm?
I like that, very much so!
New 2nd fav couple!!~
Lol, I laughed, the razor.. yeah.. I have that... akwaaaarrrd
Dazzled eyes
Mr. Kitty... he's so.. beautiful!
Mr. Doggy looks nice in the last panel, he finally doesn't look like a wimp haha XD
true love's kiss
awwwwww, :D This is so cute, and he i cute when he curses...
and that sassy smile Tommy has is LOVE.
I adore the father XD
dunno why >^> <^<
NICE knife.. jealous...
she has a glove two....
February 22nd, 2010
The father is so CUTE!!!
and panel 4 is AMAZING, jut... the whole thing is fantastic.. and Mr. Kitty's face in panel 5 *cough*
I bet he's taking the rat with him.. and naming it bloody rat XD
You should have an episode where it's raining, so Atty will like..have to care.. XD
I love those charamander panels XD
Personally I love cabbage thing (Bulba)