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i find this to be none of your buisness
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haha, i had the same mentality as Atty when I was younger, except I played yellow version and killed both a geodude and onyx with a level 20 pikachu. because I didn't like to level up anything else until I got the exp share.
Trying to remember...
did Atty actually stop at a pokemon center? I once had the misfortune to not and upon being brutally slaughtered at the first gym, was sent back to Pallet. If that happened to Atticus, that would be histerical!
that alt-text. it's awesome
i see what you did with the lyrics there! haha
hm...Gannon looks...rather fatherly in this...nice and warm as well.
is it odd that i had a mix of deer in the headlights (owl city), make damn sure (taking back sunday) and some light intonations from simple plan as I was reading the lyrics running through my head?
it seems as though you've been infected with MISSINGNO...that's not good...
I take it DT gained all of the exp from massacring everything in Viridian Forest?
Them be handcuffs. I'm sure of it!
Pokemon logic for the win?
Bahahaha! But of course! Why ever would you expect anything less? :D
Insert randomly huge and frighteningly cute pokemon here.
I'm starting to think that gym-guide man has mastered the whole perception thing. I think he truely believes that that wall doesn't exist and is merely an illusion of the mind, so therefore he passes through it.
or hes a ghost type.... yeah that's probably it.
This makes me wonder.... is the whole " to the gym! *drags along*" guy the reason those bug catchers and whatnot are sitting just beyond there? Because I distinctly remember no names being written on the statue when I entered the gym the first time... did they sneak past him when they saw him dragging people off?
XD I soooo saw that coming!!! best thing ever!
oh poor Alex XD
hey first comment!
I love how DT is all curled up! so cute! ^^
Atticus looks really concerned. now if only we could see the rest of his expression, then we'd really know how he feels about this situation.

Bringing out the Pikachu would be the best thing for him to do...if his hands weren't freakin' bound to his sides.