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@Kuro-Neko-Chan: I thinkhe's cuter that italy he reminds me of Beau from Devdasi's other story LOL
what happened to him lol hes in rags well tough times I guess lol
loveeeeeed this,you think his father would notice the totally strange behavior of girly items maybe in his son's room
I love you chose this page to do in color
I love how snow goes from scared in panel three to scared with hearts in four. in his mind he's going "yes yes yes"
funny thought
It would be funny if u did one more page and the dad showed up and it turns out he's sparkle sparkle super pretty lol with glinty teeth and everything lol
Do it do it do it
play date must happen
@Devdasi: It could be a birthday present for Niya that he gets to watch or maybe snow gets talked into it by repunzel to tie niya up so he can't participate lol
Congrats everyone this was a loooooooot of fun to see how everyone draws. Devdasi you have to have another contest next year I will draw something then.
waaaaa it's over.At least it's one more page than goldie and the three semes.
That is so cute, you need to put up page ten soon. I love this story.
HAHA that fairy better run
Poor guy now his secret is out lol
soooo cute, that's one way to make someone be a true love.
LOL Niya omg, but that is a way of getting a cute blonde for himself.
Gold digger I say gold digger lol JK
LOL I loved that, that was so funny
waaaaaaaa I don't want it to end it was sooooooo good
Froggy themed wedding
Wow the king is preety