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@Striffen Cloud
The dragon's name is Xaraph.
November 11th, 2011
I forgot what this comic was even about, but it was short enough that I could just reread it. XD
I guess that's what happens when your only useful move comes from a piece of glass.
Wait, was that the blaster that was set on maximum power?
move on for now
And here we were thinking that thing was useless, lol.
This page is great, XD
I vote B
This is a perfect example of why it's a bad idea to call something "too easy." Murphy's Law will get you every time.
Found my name, woot!
In panel 8 it says 9,001, which is in fact "ova' 9,000!" as the phrase goes.
I have a broken image as well...
Pluto isn't far enough.
So he could have been done 57 minutes ago.
Silver is such a crap boss. Once you figure it out it's as easy as it previously was impossible.
Or Mr. Obvious for short.
@Aqua the hedgie
Count yourself lucky then.