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"What's done is done"
That's almost as bad as saying "nothing can possibly go wrong" or "it can't get any worse."
March 11th, 2013
And I thought Tripp had a death wish before...

Too bad his super power is telekinesis, not teleportation.
January 17th, 2013
Smooth move there Poe, now you've managed to make EVERYONE mad at you.
January 14th, 2013
After Coco's face in panel 3, I half expected her to go through the phone and strangle Tripp! O.o
$4.99?! How dare they make him actually pay money for a worthwhile product!
March 22nd, 2012
See, there really is a silver lining in everything.
Such a thoughtful and friendly fellow, it's such a "surprise" that the other guy jumped after all.

On that note, great job on another excellent comic.
March 12th, 2012
It's genius! If Tripp has no coffee,then he will be unable to concentrate, and therefore be unable to stop the Narvan's invasion! That or the assassin has terrible aim and luck worse than Tripp's.
It's good to see that Poe's priorities haven't changed.
I'd feel sorry for him if I wasn't too busy laughing at him. He was probably fired either way.
February 6th, 2012
@Doc Savage
You assume Poe or one of Tripp's other "friends" hadn't already destroyed it.
Yes, but it sounds excellent in theory!
@Striffen Cloud
The dragon's name is Xaraph.
December 22nd, 2011
Wow, two FULL days, I'm very impressed! I mean if it was just two days that would be different somehow, but two FULL days, that's impressive!

Edit: Oh, and which was he really worried about, the rent or the mac and cheese, hm? I'd bet an imaginary cookie that it wasn't the rent.
November 20th, 2011
I guess the king got those cheat codes after all.
November 14th, 2011
This is why you test something before using it in a situation where having it not work would be bad. Well, that and he probably just needs to play more videogames.
November 11th, 2011
I forgot what this comic was even about, but it was short enough that I could just reread it. XD
I guess that's what happens when your only useful move comes from a piece of glass.
Wait, was that the blaster that was set on maximum power?
Tripp? Look normal? That... actually doesn't sound to hard, but then why do I have this feeling that it will all go horribly wrong at the worst possible moment?